Lane ‘Bridge-decker’

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Given the recent debate on ww as to what constitutes a bridge-decker, today’s boat has the potential to have a major identity crisis 🙂 But if we park the owners trademe description & just take the boat on face value, she a pretty looking classic wooden launch.

Built by Lanes Boatbuilders in 1915, she is 30′ in length & built with carvel kauri planks & her decks are plyed / glassed.
Her owner has had her for 20 years & uses her regularly. Back in 2000>2003 she had a total refit (refer above photos).
Zoom zoom is via a Standard 23C engine, which is an early (1958) 35hp Massey Fergusson 4 cylinder, 2200cc. This easily sees her cruising at her hull speed & 7 knots is a comfortable speed without pushing anything too hard.
I like this classic & at $26k she would make a very affordable entry into classic wooden boating. Spend a few dollars & she could be made very special.

Sorry no name – so the question, as always 😉 woodys is, who is she & what do we know about her?

13 thoughts on “Lane ‘Bridge-decker’

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  2. Hi Nath , thankyou for the information , really appreciated by a novice in this boat restoration game cheers Gary


  3. Protective Paints in Highbrook/ East Tamaki. about $70/L. Not that useful really though and yucky stuff. use Altex grey primer instead, far better value and the best primer for timber.


  4. It’s red lead, of course. Might be hard to find these days because it’s quite toxic.


  5. Hello , I have an old girl called Fidelity which needs some work done on her hull . Can someone tell me what the orange primer is on this vessel , as shown in the pictures . As I have seen it used a lot on old woodys and would like to also, if this is the best product to use , any suggestions welcomed . thanks Gary


  6. Well she may look like them but I bet she was built as a flushdecker, without bridgedeck, tramtop or dodger. I have my suspicions about her origins and they may not include Lanes, although she does look like a miniature of Scripps III.


  7. Have had a chat with engineer Barrie Able, of Kawakawa Bay, where she is moored, & who owns her, & he tells me that he has a barometer he inherited, that was in her when he bought her, in 1996, which has the inscription on the back, “to Cliff from Margaret Christmas 1948,” so perhaps this may help to uncover her provenance, & could gel a memory of a woody or 2.

    Only reason for sale, is that he is moving up a size in to a bigger boat, he is buying off a friend.

    Reminds me of ROYAL SAXON, also a little bit like MARIETTA, & RAUTANGI, & I agree with Harold, that LADY JANE is probably not her original name,. — KEN R


  8. I have always wondered about this launch’s provenance. Certainly not built as LADY JANE, it would be interesting to know her original name.


  9. Her name is Lady Jane and she belongs to a very very good friend of ours… she’s a lovely boat…


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