Joy Belle + Maka2

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Joy Belle – 16 ft Clinker Open Launch

Joy Belle was built in 1954 by G C Hayter at Picton & was first used in Queen Charlotte Sounds as a commuter vessel, at some point it was sold as a fishing boat out of Akaroa, then returned to Nelson and held in storage until 2014 when the restoration project commenced & completed in 2017.

Her planking is American cedar, the rebuild timbers include macrocarpa and elm. The restoration included being re-ribbed, stem post rebuilt, new transom installed, new framing and deck laid.

Zoom zoom comes from a  20hp Farymann twin cylinder diesel, that gives her a cruising speed of 6 knots.

Joy Belle is for sale on trademe with an asking price of $9500 ono – making her in my eyes a steal 😉

Grace Isn’t Grace – She is Maka2


Back on March 10th we talked on ww about a small launch that had sunk off Devonport, initially it was thought she may have been named Grace but subsequent intel from Paul Beachman & Nathan Nathan has confirmed that the launch is actually Maka2. Nathan sent in a photo of Maka2 taken several years ago looking very neglected & down in the bow. In the recent weekend storm it all got too much for her & she sank on her mooring.

Fast forward two weeks & I can report that walking the dog last night I came across a recovery job underway off the Windsor Reserve Beach in Devonport. Seems a Genesis was beached last night & re-floated tonight at high water. The good news factor was that already on the barge was Maka2 looking in pretty good shape given she spent two weeks sitting on the bottom. Lets hope someone breaths some life/love/$$ on her 🙂




Photo below ex Jason Prew of the Genesis showing the bite mark………..


04-05-2017 An update on AKA2 ex Adrian Pawson
This fine craft was delivered to the Henderson dump shop over the weekend. According to the dump shop manager, she had sunk on her mooring during the weather bomb the other week. She was subsequently raised by the harbour master and deposited at the dump.  Someone had bought her and she looks to be on her way to a new home. (That is good news 🙂 Alan H)

ps if the new owner is looking for the other cabin door & a few of the floorboards, try the Devonport Yacht Club, I saw it alongside the slipway, obviously washed ashore 😉 AH

Maka2 b

Maka2 c

Maka2 a

6 thoughts on “Joy Belle + Maka2

  1. G.C.. Hayter was Graham Hayter, Picton commercial lauchmaster, and nautical journalist. He wrote the “Sounds Newsletter” for “Seaspray” magazine for many years, occasionally from Milford Sound when he worked down there. He was Adrian Hayter’s brother.


  2. Lucky the owners of Smokey Joe had gone ashore by 11pm as the Genesis hit at speed and thought that they had hit a rock initially……


  3. I can answer that, the yacht was Smokey Joe, a whiting 1/4 tonner restored in years past by my mate Anatole. Not sure who owns her now.


  4. Yes also saw the Maka 2on the barge. The question for us Woody’s is however, what moored yacht did the Genesis hit on her journey to Windsor Reserve Beach ??.


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