Mystery Launches at Thames

Mystery Thames Boats

Mystery Launches at Thames

The above photo shows a group of ‘settler’ style launches berthed  at the Shortland Wharf in Thames.
Are we able to ID any of them & put a date on the photo? Are the bow numbers fishing registration numbers ? photo ex trademe via Peter Thorpy

Laughing Lady Update

James Dreyer has the foot to the floor on the final stages of the restoration of Laughing Lady & has master craftsman Paul Tingy roped in to help with the final details – the photos below show Paul’s reproduction of the original swim ladder & ‘new’ helm.

9 thoughts on “Mystery Launches at Thames

  1. OF COURSE It’s TS! The definition is so lousy I misread it.
    So the nearest boat is TS12 not T512.


  2. T512 was probably a mullet boat originally with those chain plates but you’ve got to remember that these 1902-10 working launch hulls were pretty much on the same lines and off the same moulds as the mullet boats of the time. Builders advertised them as suitable for both purposes, omitting the centrecase for powered boats of course.


  3. All fishing boats had to be registered after the passing of the Fisheries Act and Regulations in 1904. In 1910 there were only 30 boats registered at Thames so T 512 would seem to be much later than that. However there were strange numbering sequences from time to time. The original registers were destroyed in a fire many years ago.
    I think Baden is right; about 1920 but perhaps a tad later.


  4. They are all commercial mullet boats, mainly less their rigs. Their bodkins and chain plates are still evident though with a couple in the back ground still rigged.


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