Silver Hawk




Even though Silver Hawk is built of wood, her 1986 build date & style would normally exclude her from appearing on ww, but she makes a guest appearance today solely based on her drop dead, stunning 127hp Gardner LX6. Have you seen another better? I can hear Dick Fisher’s (MV Akarana) jaw dropping when he opens ww today, its also a wee bit of a challenge to John Sloane who is currently having his Gardner restored by Peter & the team at Shaw Diesels, workshop photo below. The Silver Hawk photos are ex CYA Launch Captain Angus Rogers.

Can anyone tell us more about Silver Hawk & also who did the restoration on the engine?


19 thoughts on “Silver Hawk

  1. Keith Turner
    As mentioned we purchased Silver Hawk in 1989, the motor was originally reconditioned by
    Shorty Sefton and had done 500 hrs. Silver Hawk originally had a truck manifold which I replaced with a marine one (still dry) purchased from D Sanderson in Whangaroa. The motor has not been touched since. Gardner engines are a good talking point and a lovely piece of machinery,
    There is a book worth reading telling the life of the Gardner. Gardner made all the lathes and machi nery for their own use. I was told by Shorty Sefton one of the Gardner brothers had an engine in their lounge which could be run. We did have Silver Hawk on piles in Kerikeri River before moving
    her to Doves Bay Marina.


  2. Can’t see any comments or association with the 3LW ( or LX as the case may be) on the workshop floor, or am I missing something?? — but SILVER HAWKS, is the very best kept Gardner I’ve ever seen, as well. — beautiful!! KEN R


  3. Hi Guys. My wife Denise and I are the fortunate owners of Silver Hawk. All above is correct and the original hull design is a Pelin Crusader. Denise’s folks Keith and Gaeleen Turner bought Silver Hawk from Arthur Ripley in 1991 and we have owned her for 4 seasons so in the same family for 26 years. I do not know who restored the 1966 6LX however she is almost run in at 10600 hours.
    Cameron Pollard told me shortly after buying her that there are no extra costs for the oil leaks so I am happy to spend time talking to “Gary the Gardner” whist giving him a good clean up.
    The Gardner has been governed to 1500 RPM however I run him at 1350 as I am only wasting fuel for a small increase in speed and I am sure Cameron would kick my a$%# if I were to do any damage. Thank you all for your positive comments on our boat.
    Graham and Denise Welsh.


  4. Silver Hawk also has a yanmar wing engine.
    She has always been showered with care and attention during our association with her.
    Original owner was Arthur Ripley. He kept her in milford marina.
    Originally had a dry exhaust but that was removed due to “smoldering wood syndrome”.


  5. Was owned for some years by Keith and Gayleen Turner of Kerikeri. I believe she is now being used by one of their family as Keith now runs an even bigger beast, Bellagio. Silver Hawk is still registered to the Turners in the current KCC Year Book

    Several years ago Keith told me her design and builder but now I’m a bit vague. I think she’s a Frank Pelin design,


  6. If I had either one of those Gardners I wouldn’t put it in a boat, I’d put it in my lounge…and light candles around it. The Brits can make any engineering look good.
    I suffer from “Velocette sock”………it may leak oil but it looks utterly wonderful….


  7. Nice! Growing up in Kerikeri she lived on a pile mooring in front of our house at Kerikeri. Is there a sistership, perhaps with more curves and rounded windows?


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