Mystery Boat



The above photos were sent in by Nathan Herbert & were taken on the Hokianga Harbour. Very sad to see this boat neglected like this.

So woodys – first one to correctly ID her wins a Lake Rotoiti Classic & Wooden Boat Regatta 2017 Calendar. Entries via the ww comments section.

13 thoughts on “Mystery Boat

  1. A couple of years ago there was also an old launch called the JANE lying in the mangroves beside the road. I remember it sat at the Wanganui town wharf for many years in the 50,s and 60,s


  2. Waipapa Johnny Rae’s last boat and Artie at the Barrier wants someone to save her The 3lw might spark some interest


  3. It is so sad to see her degenerate like this, — she was Johnny’ W’s pride & joy, & great love, for so many of his last years. I just hope so much, someone will take her on board as a project, & love her, & if possible bring her back to the WAIHAPE we all knew so well. — KEN R


  4. Waihape” designed and built in the late 1940’s early 1950’s, by Jonny Wray of “Ngataki” fame.

    This was Johnny’s ideal boat. Built for him and his wife for living in the tropics. It was bought by a Hokianga couple from the Great Barrier and launched from the Rawene Ferry Ramp in 2011. She sat on a mooring at Motukaraka and was used periodically until a skin fitting and a shaft gland began to fail and she took on water at her mooring. She was moved to the shore line where the tide rose and fell through her hull destroying the motor and gearbox My friend Philip Abbott bought Waihape as is where is, refloated her and returned her to Rawene where she is now.

    Sadly he does not have the resources to restore her. I don’t know what his intentions are for her future.


  5. Hi !
    I think you could buy fresh off the boat snapper from the jetty below the old Panmure Bridge 80’s ? always a smart ship.


  6. It is the Waihape designed and built by Johnny Wray after he sold Ngataki .He kept her at Ostend on Waiheke Island and fished from her for a number of years and took her offshore once or twice. Very sad to see her in this condition.


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