Taupo Eye Candy



Morning woodys – over the Xmas / NY break Paul Drake sent me the above photo that shows Romance (Bailey and Lowe 1914 – 26 feet and 6 inches LOA, 1947 Chrysler Ace powered) launch alongside the Acacia Bay wharf at Lake Taupo.
Alongside Romance is Dragon Hunter (Knaggs Brothers – she has a builder’s plate (photo blow) – 12 feet, St Mary’s Bay, Auckland, about 1930).

Both are rather fine classic’s – you can read / view more on Romance here https://waitematawoodys.com/2014/09/22/8829/
and here  https://waitematawoodys.com/2015/12/21/romance-2/



10 thoughts on “Taupo Eye Candy

  1. Understood. Another Titchener licence/assumption. The Knaggs brothers, singly and together built at several places in Auckland e.g. Sandringham, Panmure. Len Knaggs was building dinghies at one pound a foot during the Depression from his house at Seacombe Ave, Pt. Chevalier. So Paul’s dinghy could well be 1930s, now that we have got rid of the “St. Mary’s Bay” canard.
    I can’t think of them as “boys” Baden, even at my advanced age. John was born in 1900 and Len in 1901.


  2. You’ve got me Harold. No, the builder’s plate simply says “Knaggs Bros Builders Auckland” The St Mary’s Bay bit came from Paul Titchener. Apologies for the outboard, Baden. I should have had our 1928 Johnson Seahorse (runs perfectly) on the transom that day. Next time.


  3. Does the plate actually say “St. Mary’s Bay”????????????
    I don’t know where they had their yard there, if indeed they were ever there. They certainly both lived in that area from time to time.


  4. That photo needs to be on the cover of a magazine or book. Shame the out board was not a Seagull dripping oil into the lake..
    The Knaggs Bros did have a yard at Panmure, about were the squash club is now. They did some work for Kia Ora Fisheries modifying the odd boat. From memory they built the boat now named Waiheke Star
    Do you know were these boys stem from? Were they ex Baileys, Logans, Niccol?


  5. Some years ago I asked Paul Titchener about Knaggs Brothers. He said he thought that they had built boats in St Mary’s Bay and gone out of business during the depression years. Harold’s information would indicate that DRAGON HUNTER is rather younger than I had thought. Sixty five years and not eighty five! I paid $50 for her, on a trailer, in 1976. She had been in a shed for years and was very dry, with many split planks. I needed to re rib her and replaced some planks and parts of planks before she could be returned to service.


  6. I think the Knaggs brothers who were boatbuilding in St. Mary’s Bay were Leonard and John and they were in business together in St. Mary’s Bay only briefly in the 1950s period. Individually they built quite a few big craft at Leigh, Panmure, Point Chevalier etc. Len died at Ti Point in 1965.
    John was fishing for most of his career at Leigh, Whangarei and Auckland.
    They sold dinghies at a little over the going rate of one pound a foot so Dragon Hunter would have cost about 14 pounds = $28 in the 1950s!


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