photo & details ex Paul Drake

Paul believes today’s photo of his launch Romance (#1) on the left, was taken in Mansion House Bay, Kawau Island.
Romance was built by Bailey and Lowe in 1914 and was sold 4 or 5 years later. After that she was in Napier, until 1932 when she went to Lake Taupo. The exact date she went to Napier is not known but it could have been in 1919. Romance has been in the Drake family for over 43 years.

Lots more details on Romance here  and here

Can we ID the other launches? the little dinghy is very salty, love the fenders 🙂

22-12-2015 Photo below ex Harold Kidd of the launch Pirate that can be seen on the right of Romance & the dinghy.



6 thoughts on “Romance

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  2. It certainly looks like Ernie Payne’s PIRATE from Thames, but I don’t want to shoot from the hip again! I’ll check tonight. The elaborate foliate work on the bow is a give-away (no funnel though!). If so, this PIRATE was built for Ernie by H.N. Burgess of Judges Bay in December 1910. Ernie took her to Kawau every Christmas.


  3. W.C. Mills sold ROMANCE to Walter Ernest Utting of 59 Prospect Tce., Mt Eden, Shipwright in September 1919. She was in Napier by January 1923.


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