WWII Q Boats


WWII Q Boats
The above photos were sent to me by Craig Anderson, whose friend Peter Hull, father had been an officer in the navy during WWII and had a photo album of his early involvement in coastal defense. I have this great collection & will post more soon.

So the question today is – can you ID the location & the vessels in the top photo, including the yacht?
Is there a list of the Q numbers as allocated to vessels?

11 thoughts on “WWII Q Boats

  1. Amakura Q04, Lady Gay Q00, Lady Margaret Q08, Lady Shirley Q11 later Q12, Maristella Q02, Movarie Q05?, Rawea Q06, SHENANDOAH Q03, Te Rauparaha Q07, Wirihana Q01?, All navy inner and outer patrol vessels.


  2. We have that photo and yes its def the shenandoah Q03,she’s been in our family for the last 18yrs and still proud as punch.


  3. COOEE has a more laid back stem, quite a rake to it, like MAHAKI, whereas this one is more the “schooner” bow, pretty much plumb but with hook at the deck as was the fashion up until the “raters” of say 1892.
    Alan has sent me a slightly clearer copy of the image with the fishing boat at the wharf. She wears the boom reporting number 276 (don’t know that one) but her AK number appears to be 74 which would make her PEARL built by W.G. Lowe & Son in 1936 for M. Marinovic.


  4. Yeah, I’d go for “Shenandoah” and Leigh.
    I’ll take a really wild shot at the yacht – “Cooee”???


  5. Nah, she’s far too short for COLMA/WANDERER which was 38ft loa. This one is 5-8ft shorter and looks like a c1890 5 tonner like the Bailey MAHINA later ROMP or the Robert Logan ALICE, maybe even the Deemings IRIS which was later converted into a TransTasman racer by Harry Pope. .


  6. I think the mullet boat is STARLOCH as it looks like H6 on the mainsail. Can’t read the fishing boat’s number. Higher res pic possible?
    The clipper-bowed yacht is a bit of a puzzle. It could (just) be COLMA/WANDERER which ran mails from Great Barrier to Leigh for a while, but it looks a little too short.


  7. The lovely ‘Shenandoa’, that heartbreakingly languished for many years in the 70’s/80’s based in the viaduct as a sad ill-treated line fishing boat.


  8. “New Zealand Naval Vessels” by Bob McDougall has that list. Q03 was SHENANDOAH then owned by Fred Chamberlin of Ponui.


  9. The Q numbers were allocated to boats around the 2nd World War… The Fairmiles the HDML’s (Harbour Defence Motor Launch) all had Q numbers…. and then were given “P” numbers after this (Paea used to be Q1184 and then became P3552).. there were a number of civilian vessels the Navy used around the second world war – some were in the 75th Flotilla with us in November (Wirihana… Meola)… so the vessel above could be one of them


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