Lara was built in 1977 by Alan Williams & measures 28’6″.  She is a Banshee displacement design , kauri carvel construction. Zoom zoom comes from a 72hp Ford with a Lees Marine Paragon 2/1 transmission, this sees her cruising at 7-8 knots on 4 litres per hour.

Any woodies able to tell us more about her?

2 thoughts on “Lara

  1. Yes , Clyde finished off the hull at his home on Clovelly Road Bucklands BeaCH .i lent him my father in laws caulking iron [ Theo Lowe of Bailey and Lowe] Clyde was a perfectionist


  2. I think she was built or at least completed by Clive Crooks on Clovelly Road Bucklands Beach on his front lawn in the late 60’s. He was a technician at one of the hospitals making artificial limbs. I always admired her sheer and good looks. Saw her at Opua Marina for some time. She would be a fine purchase for someone.


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