The photos above show the Percy Vos built boat, Waipawa, back in September getting ready to leave Napier after a week sheltering from a storm.

The skipper’s name is Pete & he was heading north to Whangarei after spending a winter in the Fiords and Stewart Island.

Photo sent in by Michael O’Dwyer. What do we know about her?

10 thoughts on “Waipawa

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  2. She would not have had one of the L3B engines to replace the Widdop. They would have been the L3 series. The seine boats had the 6L3 (114hp) and then when trawling became the thing they were replaced with the 8L3 developing 150 hp at 900 RPM. Then when they had their day they were replaced by the L3b engines


  3. The “widdop” engine would not have been very old before being tossed out and replaced with the 8L3B Gardner. Widdop was air start 2stroke and not the sort of thing a fisherman wanted to wrestle with. A good mate of mine owned “Waipawa” (after waitemata fisheries) and a business mate of his bought Waiwera, they pair trawled for several seasons until that was outlawed. He spent an awful lot of money on that boat bringing her up to scratch.


  4. Thanks so much Harold. This is just another example of how much we, (& me in particular), can learn from the site. — Will look again on Google & see if I can find some images of a 90Hp version. Appreciate your input on this one. Do you know who the agents were? Cheers — K


  5. There’s something wrong at your end, Ken. Widdop Marine Engines have many references on the internet. Just go to Google, type in “Widdop Marine Engines” and you’ll get all the info you need.
    Other well-known local craft with Widdops included Waitemata Fisheries’ WAITEMATA, WAIWERA and WAIMANA and Capt Patterson’s RAKANUI from Whangarei.


  6. I’ve never even herd of WIDDOP Marine engines Harold,, do you by chance have any pics or info on them — can’t find any on Google.- Thanks — Ken


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