Merry Christmas




Good Morning woodys.
Merry Christmas to you, where ever in the world you are. ww has followers in just about every country in the world, outside of NZ the biggies being Australia, USA, Canada, France & the Pacific Islands (I think this is cruising yachts) – the numbers are amazing with site views just about to hit 2,500,000 views.

On a personal note I hope Santa has found you & you received what you wanted – I learnt years ago that there was only one way to be happy on the present front, either buy it your self or leave very clear instruction 😉 ( see below)
I intend to keep posting stories over the Xmas / NY period but at times may be challenged by internet reception so bare with us if we miss a day 😉
A request – use your camera (even the phone is good) to take any interesting woody related photos when you are out & about over the break & email / txt them to

Have a great break & if you are on or near the water take care, play nicely & be kind to fellow woodys. Alan

Now I mentioned above that I liked to be ‘involved’ in my xmas present selection – this year I was lucky to have a daughter living in London & when she asked what I wanted for xmas I pointed her London’s 400+ year old marine chandlery – Arthur Beale. Your similar to what your Foster’s used to 😦
The present is magnificent boat horn, made in Italy & delivered by hand from London by a friend of the daughters returning home for xmas. It arrived 2 days ago & was installed yesterday by my good friend Colin Pawson – I can hear Harold mumbling about it being too shiny, Jason P saying that it sticks out like dog balls etc but I love it & most importantly it makes a noise closer to a Harley Davidson than a Vespa scooter.  It replaced a horn that was more suited to a Honda Civic 🙂


4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS ALAN & FAMILY, & fellow followers of woodys one & all, all over the world.
    It has been, & is being a great joy, to be a part of the worldwide team, that has given you support for the wonderful site that it is, over the last few years, & Alan, long may you continue to give your time, & dedication to it, to give us all the chance to share what we know, & learn so very much of others. — LONG MAY RAINDANCE’S NEW HORN, CONTINUE TO BLAST — HAVE A SAFE & HAPPY CRUISE– ken r


  2. A very Merry Christmas to you Alan, and many thanks for your time and effort, and your greatly informative insights and comments, you put into this fine site you have created.


  3. Merry Christmas to you Alan, I enjoy ready the WW mail that I receive most days of the year. I have spent many hours on board Kailua with Graham Guthrie. Including the delivery trip from Monganui Harbour. The new owner has done a great job in the make over. Kind regards, Grey Ormsby . t


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