The Mullet Boat – Buona Sera

The Mullet Boat – Buona Sera

Chris McMullen sent me the link to this cool little youtube movie on the mullet boat – Buona Sera.

Chris commented that there is a slight oops in the commentary in regard to his involvement in the build – Eric had the boat half built before Chris met him 🙂
Chris believes Eric used the moulds received from Morrie Palmer who had just built the first cold moulded diagonally planked mullet Boat. He called it Controversy as that what it caused. He was barred from racing her for a time!
Buona Sera was the second diagonally planked boat. Chris’s Tamatea L-10 (featured already on ww) was the last boat built using carvel construction.
Enjoy the movie.

On the topic of mullet boats – this years Classic Yacht & Launch Exhibition at the Karanga Plaza (in front of Viaduct Events Centre) celebrates THE MULLET BOAT’s. As always with the Tino Rawa events it will be a not to be missed classic wooden boating event. So put a circle in the diary for the weekend of October 8>9th, 10.00am > 4.00pm. More details closer to the event 😉


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