Kenya II

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 6.24.05 PM

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 6.27.15 PM


As launched Kenya II was a sedan launch, built by Lidgard’s in 1940. She is 47’6” long & powered by a 127hp 6LXB Gardner diesel that allows her to cruise economically at 8.5kts. Built from triple skin kauri.

Home is the Marlborough Sounds & she is 4 sale on trademe. A quick walk around that flybridge with a titanium tipped chainsaw would do wonders for her looks 😉

For more details on her past & photos click the blue link below. When you compare the photos above to the ‘as launched’ you will she that she could very easily be returned to her former glory.


5 thoughts on “Kenya II

  1. That’s right. Heard’s building in Parnell Rise was a landmark. The brand is still on the shelves, but owned by Nestle.


  2. thanks for that Harold. I presume Len Heard is of the “Heard’s Confectionary” business. And I have seen other references to 6LW’s being 6LXB series engines. There are substantial differences. The prop size being one.


  3. Kenya, must have been re-powered at some time. The 180 hp 6LXB series Gardner did not see light of day until late 1958 and at 10.5 litres was a developement of the smaller 8.4 litre 6LW series which was 120 hp.She is a nice looking launch and whats behind the name Kenya.?


  4. I cant help but think that under floor may have changed, the headroom of the new cabin is way higher than original, andbits also quite a big cabin to saw off and return to original….

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