Ariki – Sailing Sunday


Ariki – Sailing Sunday

Today’s photo is one from the Mac Taylor collection & shows a gaffer in full flight, given the other yachts in the distance she is either well ahead or well behind 🙂
Who can ID the yacht?

Swallows & Amazons Movie
I have been reading some great reviews on the ‘new’ 2016 remake of the Swallows & Amazons movie based on Arthur Ransome’s book.
Below is the trailer for 2016 movie, due out mid August & below that – the trailer to the 1974 movie for comparison. Also a short video on the ‘secrets’ of filming the 1974 movie, that gives you a peek into the behind the scenes filming of the movie. Enjoy 🙂


9 thoughts on “Ariki – Sailing Sunday

  1. Yep, that’s the beauty of kids and grandkids; you can re-read Ransome and nobody thinks you’re weird. (Yeah,Yeah! I know! But my wierdness is from other causes.:-) )


  2. Sad that they had to rename Titty for the update. Also interesting that they have incorporated English accents, seemingly from variety of areas, into the characters. Good that Uncle Jim has been toughened up. The previous one was just too gay and hardly the travel-hardened worldly character of the books. Looking forward to its release and so are the grandcrew.


  3. I meant “20th century CHILDRENS’ literature”, of course. Biggles was a close second but Capt W.E. Johns wasn’t much of a literary stylist.
    Arthur Ransome escaped the Bolsheviks with Trotsky’s dishy secretary, which was a bit of a drama.


  4. Come on, own up, Swallows and Amazons got you all hooked on sailing and camping. There were 12 books, some better than others, and none better than the original. My pick of 20th century literature, beautifully written when you analyse it.
    Ransome’s own life was pretty lurid with scary stuff in Bolshevik Russia as a double agent. They are all still in print and great bedtime reading for children/grandchildren.


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