Dawn 2016

photos & details ex Steve Archer & Darren Arthur

I was contacted by Steve Archer who owns the launch ‘Dawn’, Steve believes Dawn may possibly be the L C Coultard design/built launch ‘Doraine’.
According to Steve, Dawn (Doraine) was built by Coultard in Onehunga for a flounder fisherman on the Kaipara in 1936. She is 28ft long and was owned for 24yrs by the Arthur family who kept her moored in the Tamaki River. Darren Arthur sent Steve a collection of photos from Dawns past, he was 11 years old when on the foredeck in one of the photos.
Steve has owned Dawn for 6 years after trucking her down from the Hokianga. During the 6 years she has been kept at Bucklands Beach Marina, then on a pole mooring at Panmure, on a berth at Pine Harbour and currently on a swing mooring at Wyuna Bay Coromandel.

So woodys – is Dawn actually Doraine?  And woodys I can help the discussion – last night Rosemary Robinson emailed my a photo of her grandfather L C Coultard’s drawings of Doraine below, also I have included a photo of Doraine. (Harold Kidd once commented on ww in regard to the number of launches named Dawn – “TOO MANY DAWNS” 🙂

29-06-2016 Update ex Rosemary Robinson

“The plans say 24’ V bottom Cruiser drawn by LC Coulthard 23/5/58 – so NOT the plans of the Doraine despite the cardboard roll they were stored in, being labelled “Plans for the pleasure craft Doraine”.  The other drawings are of random boats and are very indistinct.  Sorry about that!
I’m not sure the Dawn is actually the Doraine because she seems to have been kept in the family until at least 1943 and my mother distinctly remembers her being in Taupo but cannot remember who she was sold to.  It would be amazing to think she still exist and looks that good after 80 years.”

Doraine (a)

Doraine plans

ps the Auckland Motor Yacht Club burgee looks even better flying 😉


6 thoughts on “Dawn

  1. So if she is Doraine, based on the background given for Doraine ie:
    “Doraine was 26′ in length with a 8’3″ beam & was intended to be the prototype for a ‘reasonably priced family boat’.Now according to Coulthard’s daughter Elaine (now 93) this launch was last seen on Lake Taupo about 20 years ago.” and “Apparently her grandfather altered her for a subsequent owner to extend to approximately 28′.”

    and the photos of Dawn on Taupo in the 50’s, (see photo towards the bottom of the comments section here: https://waitematawoodys.com/2014/06/12/unknown-launch-15092013-almost-known/)

    her history could look like:

    Launched May 1939 Remaining in the Coulthard family until ’43

    43 – ?? Extended and relocated to Taupo

    ?? – 73 Not known but ends up on the Kaipara

    73 – 98ish Arthur Family – Panmure, Glendowie, Pine Harbour

    98 – 07 Starts off with a bloke called Trevor, then another (lady) owner,

    07 – 10 “Charlie” bought her and took her to the Hokianga. Charlie’s comments: “I bought her off a lady in Auckland who had pulled her out of the water a couple of years before I happened along. I had her trucked to the Hokianga where she is now moored at Rawene..I had to do quite abit of reribbing ( about 18ft to 20ft worth ) due to her hull had lost shape on the portside and a number of cracked ribs. Motor is still going very well. I just replaced her manifold and serviced it Few rotten boards replaced here and there but she is a turnkey entertainment centre again.”

    10 – present day – Steve Archer.

    This does ignore the comment (and no disrespect is intended) : ” Coulthard’s daughter Elaine (now 93) this launch was last seen on Lake Taupo about 20 years ago” This clashes with the fact that in 1996 my father owned her and she was at Pine Harbour.


  2. I insist that the Dawn is in fact Doraine. Alan, stick my Taupo shot up here to show yet another of her cabin stages, painting a good picture of how she got from Doraine to Dawn. I know that builders made some similar/ closely identical boats but I think that is unlikely in this case. Doraine has some pretty unique glass shapes. Also is the note of her being lengthened which is evident in the Taupo photo and also in her current state with prop and rudder well inboard of other Coulthard boats. Her rubbing strip appears to have been altered perhaps at the time of her being lengthened, from the quite dainty job as new.


  3. Perhaps I should clarify one point. My parents purchased her off a flounder fisherman on the Kaipara around ’73. Who owned her before this person I don’t know but I’m not aware of any info that she was “built for a flounder fisherman”. The photo of her at Motuihe with the rego number NLD298 would have been just after we purchased her.
    Also, we were also never advised that she was a Coultard but that appears to be the case which is a nice surprise. I think the surveyor at the time we purchased her described her as “probably amateur built around the ’50’s.
    Not trying to nit pick but just making sure key facts and assumptions are separated to help the pieces come together as accurately as possible.


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