Boating in the Late 1950’s & Early 1960’s

Boating in the Late 1950’s & Early 1960’s
story & photo ex Brian Mace

When gathering info on the recent ww story on Sobrine, Brian Mace passed onto Ken Ricketts the story below he once wrote titled ‘Memories of boating in the late fifties & early sixties’, with Brian permission we have reproduced the story on ww. Its a great story of life aboard the launch Sobrine owned by Brian’s father Gordon Mace. I have included a 1959 photo below of Sobrine. ww readers can view / read more on Sobrine here

Enjoy the story, it will be very familiar to a lot of ww readers. The launch in the photo above was once owned by Brian but he can not recall its name – anyone able to help out? Also above is a 1959 photo of Brian aged 13 years  kitted out for diving, which would have been a big thing for a 13 Year old back then 🙂 Sorry for the lay out/big gaps between pages – these are original typed notes.





1 thought on “Boating in the Late 1950’s & Early 1960’s

  1. Brian Mace was in my class at Tamaki College. I helped swamp his sailing dinghy on the Tamaki River one weekend. He (single handed and aged about 15) came to the rescue in Sobrine. Small world innit? 🙂


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