From Timber To Tide – Sailing Sunday

From Timber to Tide – Sailing Sunday

I discovered the video ‘From Timber to Tide’ while mooching around wooden boating websites, it features a traditional Cornish boat builder Ben Harris. In a beautifully shot video, Ben talks about his work and what inspires him. Featured is ‘Alva’, a Paul Gartside – designed 30′ gaff-rigged cutter that Ben built. Her lines inspired by the quay punts of Falmouth. Construction is larch on laminated pitch pine and steamed oak frames. Cedar decks, cabin-sides and capping rail in iroko, teak cockpit and trim, pitch pine interior and bronze and copper fastened throughout.

Enjoy, you’ll feel good after watching it 🙂

Looking For A Great Read


I mostly plug nautical books here on ww but friend Richard Loseby has just published his 3rd book titled ‘A Boy Of China – In Search of Mao’s Lost Son’ & as expected its a cracker read. Pick up a copy at Paper Plus, Whitcoulls, Unity Books – pretty much everywhere + Ebook version on Amazon, iTunes etc etc

Richard used to own a beautiful Townson but has temporally drifted over to the low(er) maintenance side with a rather nice f/g ketch. I’m sure he will return to wood one day 🙂

Richard’s two previous books ‘Blue is the Colour of Heaven’ & ‘Looking for the Afghan’ are on my all time great reads list. Both available on iBooks, Kindle, Kobo etc so fork out a few dollars, you won’t be disappointed. Start with ‘Blue…….Heaven’ 😉

ps when I went to look at my copies of the above two books, I discovered (again…..) that one of my books ‘out-on-loan’ has not found its way home. These days I keep a digital record of who has books of mine on-loan. A quick visit to trademe & I picked up a copy of ‘Blue is the Colour of Heaven’ for $4 😉

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