The Sail ‘v’ Power Relationship

The Sail ‘v’ Power Relationship

In a ww post back in August 2013, I (tongue in cheek) stated that I had found photographic evidence of the exact day & event when the relationship between power & sail soured– 29 January 1953, Auckland Anniversary Regatta. View photo & story here

Well folks I got it wrong, it was much earlier than that – it was early December 1930. In the above photo ex Peter Loughlin’s (current owner) facebook page, we see Lady Margaret (1928 Colin Wild), described in the NZ Herald, 11th Dec 1930, article as a fast cruising launch ‘passing’ some of the M-Class sailing fleet. Passing was a rather polite term for ‘going thru at full chat’ 🙂

For the train spotters Maratea is in the lead (& won) followed by Mercer?? & Manu

Thankfully most classic motorboat owners are a wee bit more considerate these days, can not say the say about the average Riviera owner & a remarkable number are flying a RNZYS burgee 😦

5 thoughts on “The Sail ‘v’ Power Relationship

  1. Maybe Nath, I think there is a sneak of davit visible on Port side behind the wheelhouse, Tasman has her davits on the Starboard side. Margaret had her slanted windows and the doghouse added circa Nov 1943 after a wheelhouse fire so that checks out. Either way as a former yacht owner you wont be seeing me do this in Margaret…


  2. Peerless does not create much of a wake, and anyway last night some keen young fellows –classic launch restorers both, were observed helping to haul the old yacht ‘Happy Days’ at Milford


  3. Isn’t that Tasman?

    Yip plastic sportfishers (how many sportfish??) kill me with the speeds they approach anchorages, marinas and sailing fleets at.


  4. Ah, so it is bad form then to steam through the racing fleet with great glee- apologies to any Milford Cruising Club sailors for the poor behaviour of the “Peerless” skipper on Monday evening.


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