Maewa > Islay II


b/w photos & details ex Geoff Cooper

Recently Geoff spotted the launch Islay II on ww & contacted me to advise that approx. eight years ago while dinghy sailing around Bon Accord Harbour he identified the Isla II as the launch, Maewa,  his father, Ted Cooper (E.R. Cooper), built in the years 1936, 37, 38. Geoff was invited aboard & the interior inspection positively confirmed the history of the launch. The then owner told Geoff that when he bought her he was told she was built by Billy Rogers in 1953.  Somewhere along the way her cabin has been rebuilt and she has been extended as she is longer now.

Geoff’s father had the use of Billy Rogers shed at the bottom of Curren Street, Herne Bay on the beach to build her. The photos above, during construction, confirm to Geoff that Islay II is the Maewa.

Can any woodys input more on her past? She ‘resided’ in Milford Marina (creek) for a period in recent years. Her present owner has had her for approx 2 years.
On the original Islay II ww post Harold Kidd commented that he had Billy Rogers 1956?, alongside her name in his files, could this have been when the rebuilt cabin & water line extension was done? In my eye, as launched, she was a very smart launch 🙂

The photo below of Islay II was taken by Dean Wright in Te Uenga Bay (part of Parekura Bay), Northland.

8 thoughts on “Maewa > Islay II

  1. A coule of things. I’ve known Jeff & his family since — we knocked about together through later pre teen & teen years from 1946 & whilst this is the first mention of the MAEWA I’ve ever known, there could well be some sort of association with Jeffs younger sister Maelo.
    Also she has some similaities to the MAHURANGI — refer my pic of 1948.


  2. I thought it might be a family name but it’s straight Maori for “wanderer” or “roamer”


  3. Ted Cooper was one of the sons of F.J. Cooper who was involved in Auckland launches from an early date, TAWHIRI (1906), WINSOME (1907-14) and COQUETTE (1920-40). Ted lived in Awarua Crescent, hence the name of the Lidgard boat. Can’t figure out why he called the prewar boat MAEWA. Geoff will know.


  4. This is a puzzler!
    With respect to Geoff Cooper, Billy Rogers’ shed wasn’t terribly big and it’s not possible for MAEWA to have been built there by anyone else than Billy because it would have precluded him building anything else during a period of great activity for him!. Yet these great pics show a launch under construction in a commercial shed.
    To confuse the issue, this link talks about Ted Cooper building himself a 26 footer in 1938. Was MAEWA a 26 footer? She certainly looks bigger, or is the newspaper report inaccurate as to her length?—–10–21-byDA—0rogers+launch+cooper

    ISLAY II was owned by R F Atlkinson of Takapuna in 1973 and kept at Milford.


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