Lady Sam


Collings & Bell built Lady Sam in 1925. Approx. 32’ long & constructed of kauri planks. She is powered by a 80hp 6 cyl. BMC diesel.

She underwent a major refit & near complete rebuild in 2002. Home is the Coromandel Harbour. Recently for sale on trademe.

Can we confirm & expand on her history?

4 thoughts on “Lady Sam

  1. I purchased Lady Sam in September 2017. She is still currently in the Coromandel Harbour but will be spending the winter in Tauranga to have some work done on her. Watch this space!


  2. She may well have been built by Collings & Bell in 1925, but not under that name. When she was on Trade Me last year I tried to get some proof of provenance from her owner, but without success.
    So treat her claimed provenance with scepticism.
    Before that bridgedeck went on she was a pretty decent looking launch which could have been built by any one of perhaps 20 Auckland firms.


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