LOST – The MY GIRL Motorboat Racing Trophy + Good News on Margaret S

LOST – The MY GIRL Trophy + Good News on Margaret S

This ones going to test the collective memory base of the all the woodys out there. We are looking for a trophy that was linked 80+years ago to the NZ Power Boat Association, I’m talking here about the old NZPBA, with races that involved real wooden boats – not the lumps of fiberglass with oversized outboards on the back they race today.

The trophy was the ‘My Girl’ trophy & was donated by a Mr. C. (Tui) Waldron to replace the ‘Burt Cup’. There are numerous press clipping that mention events where the cup was contested, won or presented. I have attached copies below for your reference / interest.
Despite all the searching no photo can be found of the cup.

The present-day owner of the launch ‘My Girl’, who the cup was named after, Jason Prew would like to track down the whereabouts of the cup & any information on what became of it. While the cup itself may not have survived, someone out there must know something about its past. Launches that have won the trophy include – Taura, Tasman & Crusader. Crusader was owned by the Rev Jasper Calder & was steered to victory by Miss Edna Herick. It appears that in several of the events that the trophy was offered up, one of the conditions of racing was the vessel had to be steered by a woman.
Launches that have raced for the trophy include – Taura, Aumoe, Edwina, Tasman, Nautilus, Ramona, Crusader, Wailani, Lady Margaret & Wanderloo.

So folks anyone able to help out in the hunt??

Note: Photo above taken during a Victoria Cruising Club annual regatta, year & boats unknown. Romance II could be the launch on the left. Photo ex ‘Sir George Grey Special Collection (Auckland Libraries)

Good News About Margaret S

CYA member Alan Good reports that the Collings & Bell launch Margaret S, built as Marne c.1918/19 that has been moored off Bayswater marina  breakwater for several years has found a new owner – sailmaker Bud Nalder, the photo above shows her being towed from BW to Whakatakataka Bay (OBC) where she will be hauled out & undergo restoration. Knowing Bud’s skills & level of craftsmanship, Margaret S is in very good hands.
For more details / photos on her https://waitematawoodys.com/?s=Margaret+S&submit=Search

Now moored in Whakatakataka Bay (photo Mark Edmonds)



12 thoughts on “LOST – The MY GIRL Motorboat Racing Trophy + Good News on Margaret S

  1. I was introducing a gentleman to the blog this evening and he recognized the name MY GIRL and said she was fished at Leigh by Fred Franich he wondered how many feet long she was? I could do some ringing around Leigh if you felt it worthwhile, my apologies I possibly haven’t followed her story that well and this may not measure up. The gentleman said off the top of his head it would have been a good twenty years ago.


  2. Just for launches and all female crew. Start with a Latte at the clubrooms at half tide on a rising tide, row to boats, raise anchor start engine unaided and proceed between Takangariki and Takangaroa (heh heh) Between Motutara and Moturekareka. Inside the Beehive and survivors back to drop anchor in Lidgards Bay and crews to row ashore and have a tot of Rum at the Clubhouse. Referees to anchor off Moturek to check on progress.


  3. Very true and well worth chasing, however if we cant find it I am sure that a sponsor can be found for a new one to be presented at the Kawau Boating Club after your race to the winning skipperess.


  4. I guess your logic is
    1. The NZPBA held their records (presumably)
    2. The NZPBA became the Auckland Motor Yacht Club in 1939
    3. The AMYC was taken over by the RNZYS so it will have the NZPBA records.
    I have trawled through the Squadron’s records and those NZPBA records just don’t show up.
    Another flaw in your logic is that NZPBA was just one of several yacht clubs that ran launch races. In fact I can’t think of a club (save the centreboard clubs like Wakatere and Tamaki) that didn’t at one time or another.

    I have spent far too much time today trying to match the above launch racing image to a date and identify the launches.The launch way out in front appears to be Leon Warne’s ROSEMARY. The launch nearest the camera has a number *03. That means it has to be 103, 203 or 303 and none of those match this boat.
    The next boat looks mighty like ROMANCE II but there are some strange divergences in the structure. The number looks like 156 when ROMANCE’s was 154. 156 was ROSALIE. The left hand boat’s number looks to be 62 which was IRENE.
    Frankly, I’m flummoxed.
    And I know I’ve seen the pic before in some other context…….


  5. I assumed that was the one, but it pays not to assume anythink on WW’s (right HDK?).
    BTW useless piece of info. Back in 1965, Barney Soljak was tolerating my presence on Kaha (even if the AHB didn’t) and we were going past said sandbank. He said that when you could see the tops of the concrete buttresses or thickenings at the bottom of the piles on Devo wharf, you had a metre of water over the bank.
    It will all have changed nowadays and it will need recalibrating!
    Must do it, Murray! One sunny day, we’ll steam over it with the binocs and my sounding line off old Glynnie!


  6. Sandspit off Devonport, I thought you were a North Shore boy VS . I actually won a bottle of rum two weeks ago betting that the yacht ahead would hit it, she did.


  7. Rnzys have any record? Not in their trophy book but I wonder if they have the old records from launch racing


  8. Yep, that certainly is the trophy that we need to re-institute. Thoroughly laudable objects -a woman at the helm! Which is the sandspit mentioned in the course notes -it seems to be a short harbour course.
    If we can’t find the original trophy -surely the last mentioned winner’s descendants might be a help- can we have a ring around and get a new one made? It might need to be something stunningly different from the usual run of the mill trophy so it doesn’t get lost again.
    Periodically we get a glimpse of a colourful lady on a deckchair (and or a speedboat) having a minor wardrobe on WW. I move we use her as a model for the trophy.


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