Wee Tawera

photos ex Baden Pascoe

A group of kiwis (& CYA members) led by Mike Mahoney recently attended the 2015 Australian Wooden Boat Festival in Tasmania, Australia, whilst the show is one of the worlds leading classic wooden boat events – their main objective was to partake (compete & win) in the events for the very popular St Ayles rowing skiffs. To this end Mike had commissioned one of the skiffs to be built in Auckland at the NZ Traditional Boat Building School & shipped to Hobart for the event. The skiff was christened ‘Wee Tawera’, Mike owns the magnificant 1935 Arch Logan yacht Tawera.
Little Tawera carried a little extra weight as the boys set her up to carry a little canvas, which she did very well in the events that this was permitted.
Baden or Steve Cranch I’m sure will chip in with their results from the regatta’s – lots of wins.

To see more photos of Wee Tawera & read about these craft, check out     http://nzcoastalrowing.org/about-2/

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