Jack Brooke Cruise Collection #17 – A Late Cruise On Kiariki May 1963

e Walker

Jack Brooke Cruise Collection #17 – A Late Cruise On Kiariki May 1963

Another  Jack Brooke drawing, published on ww thanks to son Robert for making them available to ww followers. Jack produced a hand drawing on each cruise. Today’s post is the 17th featured – this one shows a May 1963 cruise aboard Kiariki to the bottom end of Waiheke Island. It appears a landing at Man-O-War Bay (private prop) did not receive a hospitable greeting.  From the comments – ‘4 rolls in the main’ to the numerous ‘no thanks we don’t want a tow’ it must have been a mixed bag of conditions.

Crew Onboard: John Brooke, Elsie Brooke, Judith Brooke, Errol Slyfield & Bobbie Walker

14 thoughts on “Jack Brooke Cruise Collection #17 – A Late Cruise On Kiariki May 1963

  1. She’s in the style of the US racer DISTURBER IV of 1914, perhaps not with that 12 cylinder in line Duesenberg engine though!


  2. Actually I have ditched and am only doing sunday as just 2 of us that day. I’m on a roll with my boat so committing all free time to her 🙂 Looks like a drifter today


  3. Nathan tells me that the object at the stern isn’t an outboard at all, but a crude depiction of a man sitting upright behind a vertical steering wheel. So now we are looking at a racer of a much earlier period, perhaps inspired by James Reid’s 1905 TOGO, a 37 footer with a 30hp Ailsa Craig; or maybe the Sydney boat INVINCIBLE, built by Morts Dock, which came over for some demonstration runs in November 1907. The chine starting at the stem head is the key which is why I thought it was a Blimp.
    I’ll have a trawl through some images over the weekend.
    Hey, this is real industrial archaeology!


  4. The Town Hall was built in 1911. That image is up to 20 years after that and looks rather like one of the Collings and Bell-built “Blimp” outboard racers based on a late 20’s US design and usually Elto-powered.


  5. Jack Brooke was one of the pioneers of outboard racing in the country so I think the message is a little more complex than just a distaste for motor boats inside his comfort zone as a yachtsman. Notice just how well the outboard racer is drawn!


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