2015 Lake Rotoiti Classic & Wooden Boat Parade – Photo Gallery

2015 Lake Rotoiti Classic & Wooden Boat Parade – Photo Gallery

Morning Woodys

Just back from the 2015 Classic & Wooden Boat Parade at Lake Rotoiti (Nth. Island). As always a brilliant weekend, well run & the boats just keep getting better – over 80 this year & I’m sure much to the enjoyment of the USA ww followers – lots of varnish & zoom zoom motors this year.

The weekend kicks off with a meet/great/BBQ lakeside on Friday night with the parade on Saturday morning. Post parade everyone heads off to bay where the festivities began – while there is lots of boat talk, its a great family day that includes the full family with kids & relations.

Highlights for me was I small launch named ‘Mako’ (#63 in the parade), has been on the lake a long time, I’ll do a ww post on her. And meeting ww contributors Paul & Nigel Drake.

I have not attempted to include every boat, this is all about giving you a taste of the weekend. I think I took a photo of most boats , so if your not here, email me & I’ll send you one. The location & the sun was not kind to photographers, so some photos are a little dark.

I traveled to the event with Chris Miller, who leaves me for dead in the photography stakes, so in the next few days I’ll do another post with some of Chris’s finer work.

Enjoy – as always click on any photo to enlarge.
Alan Houghton

ps ww passed 3/4’s of a million views in the weekend – 750,000 !!!!!!!

pps I have included a link below to a file that tells you a little bit about most of the boats in the parade.
2015 Lake Rotoiti Parade Entries as at 3-2-15

TV3 attended the parade & featured it on the 6pm News – star of the clip was CYA member Russell Ward & the steam boat Romany that he skippers. Post the 6.00pm news Russell had no shortage of helper dockside 🙂

15 thoughts on “2015 Lake Rotoiti Classic & Wooden Boat Parade – Photo Gallery

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  2. Given enthusiasm, restoration involves three more essential ingredients, time, space…..and money. The last one is the biggy.


  3. The S’s are S’s and T’s T’s… Mullety stems from my very early child hood and in the retelling of happy days out on the gulf, by my mother. There’s been a long period of head down and just get the work done and still is and educating ones self with overdue library books pesty. The articles in the boating magazines are brief and to the point with a minimum amount of words used and enlighten the individual quickly, I keep them in my scrap books The boat yard here (and the likes of this blog, the regattas ) is cultivating a resurgence of our traditional wooden boats – and yes it is important to relay accurate information … excuse me, got a couple of things I have to do… Dum de do…


  4. I saw ARATU at Rotoiti some months ago and got all thingy about acquiring and restoring one of the most famous NZ sixteen footers of all time, designed and double diagonally built by Arch Logan for the Wiseman brothers in November 1923, but wiser counsel (ie spouse Pauline) prevailed.
    It could be done, Pam, (hint hint) but please permanently banish the term “mullet boat” from your brain for any craft under 20ft loa and not built to the Mullet Boat Restrictions (which still exist you know).


  5. The Aratu shown there (P1180074) is the old Arch Logan designed 16-foot S-class from 1923. Col Armiger sold her to Raglan in 1943 and I suppose from there she found her way south. At the 2005 Rotoiti event she was touted as having been a 1940’s mullet boat.


  6. No, no probs at all, your to be applauded for bringing some unity to our individual traditionalists / enthusiasts on your blog like this.
    We have some imports that spice it up for us of coarse 😉
    Perhaps we shall see more restorations effectively and fewer heritage boat bonfires, so I win!!
    My reckonings – you have exceeded eleven thousand views and the night is young



  7. A pleasure Pam – a great event, grass roots classic boating.
    Only downside its knocked you (WTB) off the perch in terms of the most viewed post, will be interesting to see where it closes off later tonight 🙂


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