CYA Patio Bay Weekend 2014

CYA Patio Bay Weekend 2014

This weekend is the best event on the CYA calendar, ticks all the boxes – enjoy the photos, I took hundreds – below is a slice of woody nirvana. Enjoy 🙂

As always – click on the photos to enlarge 😉

CYA Launches

Some Sailing

Party Time

Prize Giving

Now hows this for a mark foy finish after 17.8nm – take a bow Steve Cranch – the King of handicapping 🙂

Chad T When He Discovered It Wasn’t Fancy Dress This Year 🙂

I knew it was going to be a good day when we had a visit from these beauties

6 thoughts on “CYA Patio Bay Weekend 2014

  1. What a lovely collection of classics.
    What better way to promote the restoration and preservation of our historic craft than to bring them, and the folk that keep them alive, together in a fun way like this.
    I don’t think Wenna would be too amiss here. Thankyou for the invite Jane, we shall certainly do our darndst to attend next year.
    Well done Alan I believe you are going to have the most viewings ever, in one day, with this neat event.


  2. John – no such thing as a MF finish, I was just meaning that in a race that has a MF start (handicap) the aim of the handicapper is for all vessels to cross the line at the same time, excluding individual skipper tactics.


  3. Looks a marvellous occasion! Gotta get my ducks in a row and get there next year! I note that half the “Munro Squadron” was there too.
    I know what a Mark Foy start is, but WTF is a Mark Foy finish??


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