On- Line Classic Yacht Magazine

On- Line Classic Yacht Magazine

Ok after yesterdays bombardment of photos of classic kiwi launches I thought today I’d share with you a digital magazine from the USA, remember that the boys in the states call almost anything that floats a yacht, so its a mix of power & sail.

Below is a link to a PDF file to view, but if you want to experience the embedded videos & see the double page spread photos in all their glory, click the link to the on-line version.

I hope this all works – I’m sure someone will post & tell me if it does not.


Click for PDF classicyachtmayjune2014

Click below for on-line viewing


1 thought on “On- Line Classic Yacht Magazine

  1. Good to see some of my custom Bronze cast deck and rigging fittings, even the piano retainers on Shenandoah all these years on!


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