CYA Pub Cruise Photos

CYA Pub Cruise Photos

A big day yesterday for the CYA launch fleet – we had one of our cruises to the Riverhead Hotel. 18 classic motor launches & approx. 120 people arrived as the pub doors opened at 10.00a.m. What followed was over 2 hours of classic wooden boat camaraderie.  Good times were had & friendships made with new members.

Enjoy the mix of photos. Most from my camera but a few from others on the day.

As always with ww, click any photo to enlarge 😉

New photos ex Chris Miller



7 thoughts on “CYA Pub Cruise Photos

  1. Nathan
    Kayla Rose, the Sea Craft broke down on the return trip, a carb issue on the old 100E petrol motor. Two of the fleet – Lucille & Moana stopped & Keith Munro on Moana towed Kayla Rose to Birkenhead Wharf, where she had been launched from.


  2. Cool day, excellent being able to all tie to the jetty!

    My favourites of the day would have to have been Lady Crossley and the Sea Craft. Pity I didn’t see the Sea Craft put the hammer down, would have made a great shot!


  3. If Mr Deeble would care to send me the image of the offending boat, I believe I still have admin rights on this blog….


  4. I know – very low rent. Behavior normally only seen on plastic boats. I blame the crew of course. I have been sent so many nice photos of Raindance, all with the offending fender on display.
    You might have a photo Mr Deeble but you can not post it 🙂 🙂 🙂


  5. Who was that small straight stemmer going home past Hobsonville carelessly dragging a fender in the water? Haha. very poor form PS have picture


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