Arohanui (McGeady)


Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 9.11.41 AMArohanui fishing off WaihekeArohanui @ Pah Farm Jetty Kawau 1998


photo & details ex Ken Ricketts

In Kens eyes, she was one of the best sedan top examples that McGeady ever built, having the forward section & forward deck longer than usual & giving a further aft helm position, which means a smoother ride for the helmsman & crew in rough weather being further aft than usual & a sort of more sleek laid back concept to her & excellent balance of line.

She was built for Tucker Brothers food product manufacturers (Sunshine Jellies etc) in Khyber Pass Aucland., circa 1952, in McGeady’s Summer St Ponsonby premises & had the usual Ford 6 cyl Diesel fitted by Tracey Nelson. She was the second boat built by McGeady for Tuckers, the first being a bridgedecker built circa 1939 called Lady Sunshine, which was owned just after WWII by Com Hardley, M.D. of Hardleys Plumbing Merchants, of Morrow St Newmarket, who renamed her Varlene, the name as far as Ken knows she still has today.

Varlene was sold to H.T. Morton, a lawyer of Cliff Ave Belmont & Auck Hospital board Member in the later 1940’s. If anyone has a photo of Varlene, Ken can do a post on her, as he knows quite a bit about her early days.


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05/03/2105 – New photo ex Karen Moren – sent in by Ken Ricketts

Photo ex Ken Rickett’s – Tauranga Harbour

09/04/2015 more photos ex trademe

13-07-2015 Update sent in by Paul Newell ex Sea Spray ex NZ Classic Game Boat

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  2. Hi Stu mannington I brought Arohanui in 2004 though halfmoon bay marina brokerage salesman family friend Wayne kidd I had it surveyed by jack Taylor he did find some rot in her & a few other things but what do you expect at something for that age I nearly did not buy her but I liked her looks just like a old hot rod car she was a bit run down so I decided I should remodel her a bit I took a month of work & had her hauled out at halfmoon bay marina they had a round barn shed I hired I lived at waiheke island my brother lived in howick so stayed at his place started at 6.00 in morning & worked until 9.00 at night I had a old school boat builder Kevin renolds who used to to work for my father’s friend Roger preist years ago he fix a few things put a teak cockpit in I had my father fit new power steering in top & bottom it would not steer in a straight line & new controls cauges dash steering wheels had all new stainless rails made crane I put a Bimini on fly bridge then decided I would close in new canvas covers I repainted myself sprayed vanish when you went in a bay poeple would comment on her looks I sold in one week of putting on market my wife & kids cried when it left our bay in front our house at waiheke island I should have kept her will post some before & after photos.


  3. Hi, Karen. I purchased Arohanui from an elderly couple who had lived on her at Westpark Marina for some years. This would have been around 1995.At that time there was a small boat sales office in the shopping centre. Mike Ward was the broker who sold her to us, so he might be able to help with the previous owners names. I sold her around 2003 to a couple who owned Baxters Furniture in Thames. Allan Keane of Marina Brokerage sold her for me. I believe Allan has sold her twice since then. I am sure Allan would help you with the names of these owners. I hope this helps to fill in a few gaps. Regards Paul…


  4. Hi Paul, what year frame did you own Arohanui?
    I’m trying to piece together past owners and years of ownership if you can help!😃
    Thanks Karen 🌺


  5. That’s right, at least according to the Registrar of Births Deaths & Marriages. He was born on 19th June 1900 and died in 1977.


  6. So far as I have researched, my Grandfather was born Clarence Vernon McGeady. Some sites say Clarence Vivian McGeady and also Clarence Valentine McGeady.


  7. Great to hear from you Tom
    We are at Stanmore Bay & are in the phone book in the HIbiscus Coast section under K & P Ricketts– would be delighted if you would give us a ring & have we could have a chat about the “good old days” best regards Tried to send a reply with my email address but it didn’t seem to go through– KEN R.


  8. Great to hear from you Tom
    We are at Stanmore Bay & are in the phone book in the HIbiscus Coast section under K & P Ricketts– would be delighted if you would give us a ring & have we could have a chat about the “good old days” best regards Tried to send a reply with my email address but it didn’t seem to go through– KEN R.


  9. Great to catch up Tom — We have family in Mangawhai & are up there all the time, so will look Jim up next time. — if you have a minute email me on — I had long forgottne that moment on the radio, but am glad it created a giggle for a while, — we all need to laugh more it’s the best medicine of all


  10. Hi Ken, Yes Jim is my brother, and he used to crew with me when I was involved in coastguard. You may remember me from your days in coastguard as I was the cuttergroup captain, and stand in radio operator, etc. your famous line, I remember, one night you were in kawau and I had an incident there, when asked over the radio if you were” fully crewed ” your answer was, “you know me tom, I am always crude” .Was a standing joke for years. Have a nice day, catch up sometime. Jim is now retired and living in Mangawhai.


  11. Tom, are you by any chance related to Jim Morris who is a boat painter & used to live in Te Atatu back in the 60s? – I knew him well for good number of years — KEN RICKETTS


  12. Actually, his full name was Clarence Vernon McGeady and he was born in Oz. His younger brother was the famous ranger at Whangaparapara, Paddy McGeady. I first met Paddy when I was about 14. He emerged from the bush with his dogs, carrying a stuck wild pig across his shoulders. He was a short, very powerful man and that pig was at least as big as Paddy. An impressive first encounter.


  13. My family met Reg B through Mac & also knew him well, & he took the GAY DAWN to my parents house for her engine change in 1958 — a lovely & natural very generous gentleman of the highest order, & he had sick son, Ken, who had one of the very first hole in the heart operations, done by Sir Brian Barratt Boyes in 1958


  14. Everyone that I ever knew, who knew him, always called him “Mac,” I never heard anyone ever call him anything else, in fact it was not until many years later that I ever knew his real name. a little footnot — he wa also th efirst person I jk=knew who clled “fizzy boats” “fizzy boats” & that was rihgt back in the later 40s & i think he could well have instituted this lovely little piece of terminology


  15. Hi, Mac McGeady was my uncle by marriage, married to my aunty. The factory was behind a grocer shop, on the corner of summer street and ponsonby road, hutchinsons I think, His name was Vernon but he never used it. He became ill and sold supreme craft (the company name) to one of his apprentices Ben Hipkins who ran the company until it ended. During this time Ben built Nika Sia among others. Yes the fence was dismantled and reassembled many times, and the boats were transported by low loader artic, from Hammond and McIntyre, operated by one Reg Brown. Pleased to be able to answer this article, thankyou. – Tom Morris.


  16. That’s correct, his boat shed was the old concrete building behind the villa, (1A) — & the people over the road (must have been No 2), had a picket fence which he had to remove & put back every time he launched a boat — they must have been very patient & good nieghbours. — KEN R


  17. I have heard McGeady called “Matt McGeady” and “Vic McGeady” but I think he was Clarence Vernon McGeady (1900-1977). Any comments on that?
    What were the premises at 1 Summer Street? He doesn’t seem to have lived in the villa on a very narrow site at that address. Was his yard in the commercial building at 1A where there’s a bakery now?


  18. I owned her for a few years and sold her chap in Thames. When we sold her she was surveyed by Mr Jack Taylor, who told us he worked for McGeady when she was built. We took her to the Bay Of Islands and Kawau many times. Now for sale on trade me in Wellington.


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