Lady Jane



I spotted the above leaving Man-O-War Bay early on New Years day, apologies for the poor photo but I was in the dinghy doing the rubbish barge drop (post NYE).

Anyone able to ID her?


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27 thoughts on “Lady Jane

  1. Just been out to see her – she was due to be moved yesterday, but still there – brilliant – many thanks for the tip-off. Paul


  2. Thanks for the update – has she changed her name? There seems to have been a couple of Jane S’s and confusion as to which one she is/was? Thanks Paul


  3. Hello – vey interested in the “Jane S” especially …

    “JANE S owned by J.C. & E.N. Adams of Pukekohe in 1954, 33’x32’x9’9″x3′, built by Percy Vos in 1930 with a 40hp diesel. Later owners included W. Maskell (1958) and A R Ross of Blockhouse Bay in 1966”

    A R Ross (Alan) is my partner Chrissie’s father and she fondly remembers many adventures on the Jane S to the Great Barrier.

    She would love to know where the Jane S is now and any info about the Jane S history.

    I see that phild – even has a flyer when she was sold – Chrissie would know straight away if tis is the Jane S that the Ross family owned.

    Looking forward to see some information.
    Many thanks, Paul


  4. We’re behind her on state highway one heading south, nearly in taihape on 20/03/2020 just overtook the truck. We’ve got a photo just have to work out how to add it.


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  8. Have sent Alan a pic of a JANE S ( LADY JANE ) I took at Christmas 1948 going in to Bon Accord Harbour — KEN R
    Photo added. AH


  9. Yes it is rather confusing. I was talking with Baden and he didn’t seem to think there was much hope of establishing if the boat was built by Lidgards, as records were fairly sparse there. A story I did hear, was that it was built in 1946 on the island but it looks a little “old” for 1946 and given the “repairs or refit” work in 1954 when W Maskell bought her it looks as though quite a bit of the cabin had been remodeled, which would seem odd if it was built only 8 years prior. I’m more inclined to think it was 1930 when it was built.


  10. Hi Harold that is interesting news as i had W Maskell’s son John, on board last weekend when I did the Riverhead cruise. He remembers as a boy it under going a large refit at the Lowe yard. I have a document from NZ Maritime stating that Jane S was registered with on ON number in 1954 to an Allsop-Smith but the dimension don’t quite tally up with my boat. This states that the boat was built by Vos in 1930. Could it be that that measuring system then differed to what we currently use today? I have some old flyers advertising the boat for sale and they claim it as a Lidgard design built on Kawau Island?


  11. Believe it or not, there were two JANE S’s around Auckland. According to the APYMBA records;
    1. JANE S owned by J.C. & E.N. Adams of Pukekohe in 1954, 33’x32’x9’9″x3′, built by Percy Vos in 1930 with a 40hp diesel. Later owners included W. Maskell (1958) and A R Ross of Blockhouse Bay in 1966.
    2. JANE S owned by J Allsopp-Smith in 1954, no details except for a Chrysler engine. B.L.Clow of Milford owned her in 1973.

    I’ll leave it to you guys to sort out which is which!


  12. Hi Barnie, I too only came across this post now thanks to my wife having a bit of spare time on her hands. The boat pictured may be a Lady Jane but it is not the boat I own by that name. However my boat was called Jane S before it had it’s name changed. Mine is similar in appearance and pictures of it can be found in a recent WW 15/2 Riverhead Cruise article. I had invited the son of a previous owner (now in his late 60s early 70s) along for the trip and he defiantly remembers her as Jane S. I would love to know more about her but details prior to 1950’s are hard to come by. She is moored off the Panmure Yacht Club. Any help would be appreciated.


  13. Hi there, Harold you are quite right about all you have have said, you are quite the train spotter your records must be impeccable!!!
    Lady Jane is currently on a swing mooring in kawakawa Bay Auckland.
    Someone might recognize a message which was engraved on a barometer which was on the boat when I bought her: “To Cliff Love from Margaret Xmas 1948”
    Someone may know who that is, and trace the boat back further….


  14. HI there, I was surprised some interest was shown in Lady Jane leaving Man O War Bay that morning. Truth is, I only found out now about this post just now…
    Anyway, great train spotting Harold, your library must be immense 🙂
    And you are quite right she was a flush deck when she was built, and to be honest, despite changing her original design, I can fully understand why changes were made.
    In fact, I have often thought to myself when she was re-configured, it would have been the birth of the purpose built bridgedecker which came about in the 40s way after she was built. (correct me if I am wrong)
    Further info for any other train spotters are: an old barometer which was left on the boat when I bought her was engraved: “Cliff love from Margaret Xmas 1948”
    I still have it, and someone may trace this boat and previous owners further back.
    Anyway I keep the old girl in great Nick, and she is moored in Kawakawa Bay, Auckland.


  15. That makes at least 2 classic launches called LADY JANE that I have pics of — & there’s sure to be more, from the early 30s backwards — talk about confusing & messy!!!


  16. She was LADY JANE when Barry Abel bought her from Hector McKenzie in 1998 but what was her original name?


  17. That boat is in fact Lady Jane, owned by friends of ours who came to visit us on Paea at Man o War…… I will post more photos……she is 99 years old… cheers


  18. ROYAL SAXON lives happily in Motueka and was a purpose-built bridgedecker by Colin Wild. This bridgedecker has clearly been modified from a 1913-25 period flushdecker or tramtop.


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