Yesterday (10/12/2013) saw the 1921 Arch Logan 36′ motor launch Ngaio relaunched after a extensive re-fit & you will note that she has returned to her original colour scheme, a dark (black) navy blue 🙂 To view Ngaio pre-refit click this link to view a youtube clip from the 2013 CYA Riverhead Hotel Cruise. You cab also view more background by searching the word Ngaio in the ww search box.

Her owners Ian Kohler & wife are CYA members & Ngaio is a spectacular addition to the classic launch fleet in Auckland.

I again quote CYA duty chairman Bruce Tantrum on Ngaio “Her beauty out of the water, as one would imagine, is complete, simple and beautiful. The hull’s multi layered accumulation of many decades of paint has been removed revealing the symmetrical artistry of master craftsman Arch Logan’s full length bare kauri planking, all in absolutely perfect condition. In the next few days, she is going to be splined and fibreglassed above the water line to preserve her.

Never again will this particular definitive testament of material, form and craftsmanship be seen, never”

I myself have a soft spot for her as she has such wonderful lines, but she is a Logan & they were rather good at knocking up these things of beauty.

Boats are like houses & everyone has their own sense of style & taste – & sometimes thats a worry, but I can happily report that the Kohler’s have enhanced all the original features in a way that Arch Logan would have approved of. As you will see from the photos, as she sits on the marina, she is still a work in progress but only needing the final touches to complete the project.

Well done.

9 thoughts on “Ngaio

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  3. As the principal “purist knocker” I won’t go there again. The protagonists stifled discussion with such venom that they did little credit to their cause. Time indeed will tell. But the Aspden family can be assured that those techniques will NOT be applied to their ROMANCE II of which my wife Pauline and I are the current custodians for the future.


  4. ngaio looks absolutely beautiful,a credit to the current owners.i have just finished reading some of the C.Y.A. members comments on the pros and cons of glassing wooden boats,some of them seem to live in lala land,if the hull is prepared correctly,and by competent tradesmen,the glass will not peel off,maintainence is less than halved,and you can have whatever colour you wish.the boats life will also be extended immeasureably.coquette is a good example,de caulked,planks edge glued,and glassed using west system,exterior only.that glassjob was done 30 years ago and is still as good today as it was then.come out of the closet some of you purest knockers,the boat is still the same boat underneath,only stronger!!


  5. Sorry about that — can only say that none of us are perfect, — least of all me. — KEN RICKETTS — (got it right that time!!??) — I tend to type much too quickly for my somewhat limited ability in that art, — Will have proof read I guess.


  6. I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, but Bruce’s understandable enthusiasm for NGAIO’s lines and superb construction has run away with the facts. Jack Logan was just 11 years old when NGAIO was launched. I am sure Bruce meant Jack’s father ARCH Logan, who designed and built NGAIO in the shed at the foot of his property at Stanley Point Road, the shed where Jack later built centreboarders and little clinker power boats (and shared it with Sam Mason). I spent a lot of time in that shed as a youth, hanging around Jack and trying to be useful.
    The shed was later accidentally burnt down, well after Jack had moved on to Chivalry Road.


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