Ngaro 4sale

NGARO – 4sale
This fastidiously restored classic was built by Roy Lidgard (at the Hamer St yard) in 1953 for Mr H.S. White of Auckland, an avid boater with 40 years experience whose flourishing motor cycle business enabled him to build one of the most luxurious of her day. Built from 3 skin NZ Kauri with 2 inch planking thickness there is a permanence and strength about her that has held her in good stead.

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  1. Hi Cherie, We both share the joys of the memories of that era. My parents & your grandparents, were, as you may recall, really good friends.
    Drop me an email if you would like to reminisce a bit more over those “good old days,” as they definitely were.
    My email is; — Regards –KEN R


  2. Hi , my name is Cherie Wood , Laurie and Jill Wood’s only grand daughter , Bernies and Julies daughter , Ngaro took as all in many wonderful holidays . My grandparents , parents , Aunty Denise ,2 couusins and my brother. , 9 people on board and room for more. Bridge street Panmure


  3. I recall that the boat that started life as one of the BLACK WATCHES for the Rev. Jasper Calder ended up as ALISA, after her stint as LADY NORMA, under the Gordon Cole stewardship, (or perhaps it was before, & he changed it to LADY NORMA,) — either way, am sure she was, or is, ALISA, for some of her life. — KEN R


  4. Ngaro was not built at Kawau. She was built in the Hamer St. Yard, which was Lidgard Shipyard’s main yard. I was employed as an apprentice on her. Yes she was built for Horrie White of ” Skeates and White” Don Piece was leading hand in charge of the job and my uncle Mike the foreman. Fred Lidgard, my father ran the Kawau yard which began in 1948 long after Lidgard Bros. began in Hamer St. in the early thirties. I served most of my earlier apprenticeship at Kawau as did Tim Lees. Tim is long gone and I am 83. There were 55 staff at Hamer St. About six at Kawau. Cheers, John Lidgard.


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  6. I too remember the Ngaro moored at the bottom of my grandparents garden when I was a child, she certainly looks as beautiful as I remember her. Karina Silva daughter to Ken Ricketts.


  7. Footnote ex Ken Ricketts:

    Ngaro was later sold to Laurie Woods, retired owner, of Woods Tractor Services of Morrinsville, who came to live next door but one, to my parents Ralph & Wyn Ricketts, in Bridge St Panmure, and was moored at the bottom of my parents garden. She still had the twin 6 cyl. Austin Skipper 100 engines, painted bottle green during his ownership. The engines were later replaced with 2 x 6 cyl Ford diesels.

    I went on NGARO many times in the mid 1960s. She had an open engine room beneath the fly bridge, the aft cabin was solely the owner’s stateroom (a la LADY EILEEN), & she was built in to the tuck (a la REHIA). She had the galley, bathroom, & guest quarters, up forward of the bridgedeck.

    Laurie Woods was a very successful businessman in his own right, with a wife who was a very mentally strong lady, & I will never forget a little plaque, fixed to the centre of the top of the front screen of her bridgedeck, which read’

    “Behind every successful man, there’s a woman, telling him he’s wrong”!!!!


  8. Yep, she was one boat that looked good from any angle. Loved her. Also, designed and built with the flying bridge, it was set up to work unlike many of the bridgedeckers that had a retrofitted fly-bridge. Note that there is no inside steering position -through the early days up untll quite recently the skipper took all weather without that canopy that is now fitted. I also hope that the owner’s pipe rack with an allusion to his WW2 service remains with the ship. An important artifact at the aft end of the deck saloon.


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