3 thoughts on “Moanalua

  1. From Allan Keane.
    We were proud owners with Warren and Annette Broadbent for 12 years until 1995.
    She proved a magnificent sea boat with a very gentle rolling moment and is most impressive into a big sea. Our two girls grew up on her and she was an incredibly comfortable cruiser, with internal access up to the bridge.
    We had a large photo history of her launching and 1935 cruise to the bay of islands, now with the current owners Phil and Helena Hamlin. She had the Perkins V8 which was a great power-plant despite chasing oil leaks.
    History was that owners in the 50’s lined the combings with Formica! resulting in major work required and Owen Woolley drew the new cabin, [plans now lost] with sloping screens now further forward, this made her far more usable inside. This included the flybridge with internal access also, which was a Woolley feature.
    We did many refits including 3 months on Lanes slip/shed, where she collapsed the rail on re-launch. Great for the heart! Hope those fantastic photos appear one day.


  2. Input from Ken Ricketts

    “Moanalua was built for the Boucher family — (a little similar to the Glenifer — used to look immaculate all the time not used a great deal in the later 40s & 50s when I came in contact with her. Had a big petrol engine — may have been a big Kermath, sounded like a gun going off when it started up.

    Sadly her lovely original lines have been lost & she looks nothing like her original varnished combings self, not withstanding, the present combings do look professionally done & designed.

    Last I heard, she had Perkins V8 185 or 250 hp diesel” Edited: In fact powered by a John Deere. AlanH


  3. Superb old ship. I remember her when Burrowes had her in the ’60s. No flying bridge back then. She seemed to have what looked like wood grained formica on what had been brightwork.


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