7 thoughts on “Silens

  1. SILENS was not built in Whangarei for Lovatt. She was built in Auckland for Brown & Stitt. Stan Lovatt bought her from J Hislop of Auckland in late 1938.


  2. I am begining a search for the current owner of 1900 ‘s launch “Silens” built in Whangarei for Kauri timber miller C. R Lovatt. I have a family photo which strongly resembles the hull shown above. If the present owner is interested we can supply substantial early history should it be the same ship & the history is of interest.


  3. Ben and Edith Commins were my parents. We were shown over the Silens last Saturday by the current owner (Brian Fulton). We cruised with Lady Margaret, Tamaroa (owned by the Jeeves family), Isa Lei (owned by Somners), Lady Eileen (Hunter family – Auckland) and Raiatea (built and then owned by my uncle – Alan Orams). Will send you some pics of the Silens when we were cruising in the 60’s if you provide an email address.


  4. I remember Silens in Whangarei in the 60’s. She was owned by Ben Commins,and was housed in the same group of boat sheds as Lady Margaret,Florence Dawn,Linda,and i think Oumoe and Aloha.


  5. SILENS was designed AND built by Harvey & Lang in November 1912 for Browne & Stitt and was fitted with an Auckland-built 14hp Silent Rotor engine (rotary valve). Somehow that name has stuck right through the years. Later she had a Stearns and then a 25hp Sterling.


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