Manunui & Bill Couldrey

Manunui – she was designed and built by Bill Couldrey in 1939 for P.R. Colebrook. Recently berthed at Gulf Harbour but she left Gulf Harbour about 18 months ago months ago & rumour has it has returned south to Wellington.
Bill Couldrey was a master craftsman & in fact one of a very small group of Arch Logan’s preferred boat builders. Bill’s great-grand daughter, Nikki Whyte, has started a blog ‘The Boats of Bill’ documenting & celebrating the life & work of Bill, check it out here

3 thoughts on “Manunui & Bill Couldrey

  1. Ah! A lovely ship. Always wondered who she was. I think she might have had a yellow funnel -did she?In 1966 we were neck and neck with her coming down the coast in a hefty beam sea -I was the sick berth tiffy on the HDML HMNZS “Manga” who was on loan to the Auckland reserve division Ngapona. We had been up in the BOI for the Waitangi Day Celebration. Because of the sea, most of the crew were hors de combat and dying below. The owner of “Manunui” was a real seaman and in our lea, persisted in dipping his ensign every time we overtook him. Then he would draw ahead and dip and then slowly drop back. “Manga” was at that stage doing a real dance -sliding broadside down each wave and burying her aft deck as she hit the bottom of the trough. As the most nimble (and enjoying the performance) I was sent each time down aft to dip our ensign. Drenched head to toes. After quite a few repeats of this, the skipper (there was only him, me (on the wheel) and the engineer on the bridge) said, “For ……’s sake leave the bloody flag down down!” So I tethered the ensign to the staff and got back on the wheel. Great trip especially on someone else’s boat.


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