Lady Sandra

Lady Sandra


Built by the Lane Motor Boat Co., a very “Ultra” boat, for her era, for Len Peckham, about 1950, one of “THE” boats of the day, lovely lines, powered with 2 x 6 cyl Scripps petrol engines, right at the stern, with V drives, & with reduction gears built in to the V drives.
L Peckham was a very social person & Lady Sandra had many parties, & lots of glamorous ladies aboard, on many occasions, — spent much time tied to the Mansion House Bay wharf, with an anchor out in to the bay, & then backed the stern up to the wharf, (almost as if she owned it, she was there so much.) engines were of course, later replaced with diesels (Fords I think ( as usual)
She was later sold & I have an idea one of the Cleave brothers may have owned her for a while, however she was later owned by my dear friend, the late John Richards, who eventually sold her, & she went to Fiji where she was wrecked in a storm in the 80s.
She suffered some misadventure once, by picking up a tow line from a boat being towed, off Devonport wharf, one day, got the tow rope around both propellers & pulled the propeller struts out of the hull & of course she sank, just as they got her to the nearby beach, fortuously.

photo & ‘tale’ by ken Ricketts

5 thoughts on “Lady Sandra

  1. Anyone got a more recent pic of Lady Sandra? I seem to remember her in the ’60s with the flying bridge filled in with a rather higher wheelhouse aft. I prefer the original.


  2. I’m delighted to say I have just received more totally accurate fine tuning of my reference to Lady Sandra & her rescue mishap when she had to be beached to avoid sinking.
    On Saturday the 20th January 1949 the Victoria Cruising Club held a regatta off Birkenhead. Very windy conditons kept their rescue launch the LADY SANDRA busy. By the afternoon LADY SANDRA had rescued 17 yachtsmen, but then had to beach herself in a sinking condition immddiately afterwards


  3. LADY SANDRA was built by Lane Motor Boat Co in 1947 for Len Peckham. R Marmont owned her at the time of the Royal Visit in 1953 when she took part in the flotilla greeting the GOTHIC. F O Cleave owned her in 1964.


  4. I was just thinking. my friend Bill Ballie , yes one of the legands of running served his time with Garth Lane, or should I just say Lanes as I don’t think Garth touched the tools much. We shold get him commenting on the Lane boats.The othe Lane man is Ray Pateman, he is now in his 80’s and can remember heaps. Got to catch all this stuff before it goes to Davey Jones ( not the owner of Kelvin)!!!!


  5. Fantastic photos and stories Ken. You have added so much to Waitamata Woodys and when one reflects the lauch scene around Auckland and Northland was a true society.Keep them rolling, I am really enjoying all this stuff and I am sure others are. When I get back I will supply Alan with a heap of stuff about the Whitianga launch and work boat scene during my time and my lifetime friends Robin Lee and Ray Bronlund (Simons father) can remember all the WW 2 stuff as well.


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