Boat Const. Photos 003 (2)

Monterey , middle centre, top photo, under construction in the Lidgard factory alongside sister ships

Monterey (33’6”x32’x10’6”x2’7”) was built by Lidgards in 1946 for R.T. (Alf) Postles, an accountant, she was one of 3 the same, the others were Almaray (owned by Stan Bell-Booth) & possiblily Tangaroa was the 3rd one, all had 30hp Listers when launched. Postles sold her to Alf E. Hayman of 22 Omana Ave Mt Eden in c.1950 and it went later to John A Hayman of 5 Riverlea Ave Panmure in 1958 (Alf’s son?).
The old photo above was taken by Ken Ricketts, Christmas 1948.
Monterey’s owners Sue & Mark Edmonds are active members of the Classic Yacht Association.

5 thoughts on “Monterey

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  3. At long last, I’ve found something on the 3rd of the 3 boats as referred to above. Have tried for a very long time to achieve this, & needless to say am delighted.
    She is called RUTH. Have sent pics to Alan along with what I know about her to date. — KEN R


  4. The 30 hp Listers in these boats are same model I have in John Dory. Hard to imagine these animals in bridge deck pleasure boats.Lidgards installed quite a few about this time, This is when my one was installed in Norma (Colthard Onhunga late 20’s) and Ronomore (Darroch 1909?). I have a passion to keep these old machines going as part of our heritage. La Rosa has a recenly restored one. I think Alan H has a clip of this running. Kelvin has the JP 4. Talking boats with Listers, some one needs to buy Dixie in Thames (Burgess), a very unspoilt classic , would be a lovely project. V nice looking boat.


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