Westhaven Marina 1969 – Who Owned the RR

Westhaven Marina 1969 – Who Owned the RR

The above 1969 photo popped up on fb back in June of this year – it would appear that the photographer is G Riethmaier and its ’saved’ in Archives NZ.

Quite a few woody yachts hauled out at the long gone area thats now board-walk – to me the stand out is the Rolls Royce casually parked amongst the cradles and trestles.

Any guesses as to the owner and which yacht it was linked to?


12 thoughts on “Westhaven Marina 1969 – Who Owned the RR

  1. Boat on the far right Edward Allcards ketch theSea Wanderer.
    Edward was the first to solo the Atlantic both ways if memory serves me correctly.
    My father did a keel bolt replacement on her after snapping most by hand after she came from the Horn.


  2. The mullet boat in the center looks like the LOVELIGHT L24 the widest 22 ever built 10ft 6 beam lost off colville channel. the larger one the right looks like the 26 H 11 BLUE STREAK. Those were the days when anybody could afford to keep a boat in westhaven and haul out at minimal cost. Have we progressed ? RON C


  3. Agree with Ken its a Bentley, interesting Sea Angel ketch in front of it too. If the boat on the grid behind the K class is one of the Caracats maybe its the caravan mans car…..


  4. I know Ron Neil…owner of the Stewart 42 CARMEN had a roller about then,,,,not sure why it would be parked in that corner though


  5. When I was young – I’m now 59 ,dad used to haul a yacht out at Chas Bailey’s every year . The owner was a doctor and always turned up in his RR of this era with a bed mattress tied to the roof will scaffolding on top so he could do his maintenance over the weekend . His RR was all black which this one looks two tone


  6. Ron Kingsnorth, (Japanese Bath-house) or Doug Meyers? (Lion) (maybe Ken R, he’s a fan of RRs and boats)
    Didn’t see a lot of rollers in those days.(Silver Cloud model?)


  7. The car in the image, is either a RR Silver Cloud, or an “S type” Bentley, .both built in the1950s & earlier to mid 60s.
    They look virtually identical except that the RR has a fairly high standing bulky “Spirit Of Ecstasy” & (the mascot on the top of grill) & of course the RR grill & the Bentley has a much lower profile “winged B” emblem,& it appears to me, when I enlarged it, that that car appears to have a low profile mascot, & am virtually certain it is actually an “S Type” Bentley,.– KEN R


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