Back in October 2014 we ran a story on the c.1964 McGeady built 30’ launch – Tempest. Link here for more photos and lots of details. https://waitematawoodys.com/2014/10/26/9340/

Fast forward to April of this year and I was mooching around the Dove Bay marina in Kerikeri and I spotted Tempest on one of the outer pile moorings. Sadly looking a little unloved but still a looker, so hopefully she will get some TLC soon.

It Is The Little Things That Make a Difference 

The launch Gay Dawn has been residing at Bayswater Marina for while and recently her owner removed the bow rail – wow – have to say, she looks very smart without it. Hopefully its permanent, and not away being re-chromed etc.

5 thoughts on “Tempest

  1. Good work. In a world of chrome , plastic, fiberboard and formica, the classic lines of a wooden boat brings us back to the reality that we are ultimately subject to and conditioned by the beneficence if nature. I once owned and loved a 70 ft cutter rigged steel ketch. But she was fully wood lined. I was kept safe and sane at the same time.

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  2. GAY DAWN was built with no bow rails, but she has had them for many years,and agree that she is certainly as she was originally built now, but however, having said that & having stood on the bow many times during both the Bill Waters & my own parents ownership which goes collectively from 1953 to 1970 I can attest to the fact, that on a rough day, it is very much safer to have the bow rails.
    The original owner Bill Waters son Bryan Waters, almost fell overboard on a very rough trip, c1955 when 1/2 a mile off by Park Point Waiheke, one day In a south-west gale when I was aboard, during the Waters’ stewardship, the engine stopped dead, without warning, & she was eventually towed back to the safety of Ocean Beach Motuihi by Alex walkers ROTUI, with whom we were cruising in company, fortunately, but she was rolling so badly, it was touch & go, whether Bryan slipped overboard, when trying to throw a line to ROTUI, & eventually he had to stand in the forward hatch, to throw the line, & there is no doubt, that from a safety perspective, the bow rails are essential.

    ROTUI only had enough space to get between GAY DAWN & the rocks once more, before she would have been broken up on them, so she came within a hairs breath of her being lost, & Bryan possibly losing his life as well.

    As a result of this terrifying practical experience, & as safety of human life, MUST come before all else including looks, in my view, there is no decision to make & she simply MUST keep her rails. — KEN R

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  3. She does look so sad.
    Norm Fairlie & Bert Jones would be very unhappy to se her like this.
    I remember so well, she looked so stunning in her early days. — KEN R

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