Thelma – Motor Launch


Woody – Shamus Fairhall spotted the above photo in an OP Shop last week. 
The launch is named – Thelma and is a straight stem, counter stern of the early milk maid style hull. No idea of the builder but the photo was taken on the Frankton arm of Lake Wakataipu. 

Lake Wakatipu is an inland lake in the South Island, in the southwest corner of the Otago region, near its boundary with Southland. Lake Wakatipu comes from the original Māori name Whakatipu wai-māori. With a length of 80 kilometres, it is New Zealand’s longest lake, and, at 291 km², its third largest.

The back says it is a printed from a 1910 photo from the Muir and Moodie collection – National Museum. 

Any of the woodys able to shed some light on Themla? Got to love the wharf, looks very flimsy in relation to the standard of attire of the onlookers 🙂

4 thoughts on “Thelma – Motor Launch

  1. Drawing on Miles Hughes Thelma ll Oil launch for William Jagger Built R & A Logan 1900. Certainly what is left looks very Logan (always pay my respects when down that way.) Strictly to be a “milk maid” she’d surely have a roundy fronted cabin up fwd to stow the churns in transit. Sad but nice to see her doing her final bit for the environment -dust to dust etc etc.


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