Mooching Around Tinopai Harbour

Mooching Around Tinopai Harbour

Woody David Campbell-Morrison sent in the above gallery of woodys berthed at Tinopai. For the out of towners – thats the northern end of the Kaipara Harbour, on the west coast of the north island (refer chart)

Very delightful looking spot, while the tides on 😉 , can anyone help us ID some of the craft?

3 thoughts on “Mooching Around Tinopai Harbour

  1. Hi Alan

    The red yacht at Tinopai is the 18′ Parris built Mullet Boat, Scamp, completely rebuilt by Greg Shultz at Tinopai. Greg also built a modern version of a Silver Fern which you advertised on your site and was purchased by me


    John Oates



  2. Just heading out now to take my Roy Parris built (1943) 18ft “mullety’ Scamp for a sail on the Kaipara today. Surprised David missed my other boat there……a 26ft double diagonal skinned kauri launch Gypsy Rose …locally built in Dargaville early sixties…..pity he wasnt there at high tide!……but, .hey, please don’t tell too many people about Tinopai!


  3. The big Bridgedecker at the top is my old mate John Mayson’s old boat the ELDON – had 2 x 6-354 Perkins diesels from way back (until recently anyway) — KEN R


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