Milford Sound – Mystery Boat

Milford Sound – Mystery Boat

The above photo is rather stunning, and comes to us from Lew Redwood’s fb. Its date c.1940’s – and woodys is all we know.Hopefully we can ID what appears to be a commercial boat, given that she is boarding passengers attired for tramping.The poster below were used to promote the area in the 1940’s.

Seeing we didn’t have a winner to the WW t-shirt quiz last week, the most accurate (you’ll need to explain e.g. it could be XXXXXXX that was contracted to the NZ Tourist and Health Resorts Dept etc) answer wins a WW t-shirt – entries via email only to –

3 thoughts on “Milford Sound – Mystery Boat

  1. Looks a bit like the “Miss Mitre”/”Mitre Peak” (can’t remember which is correct) ex “Miss Picton”, though I think it may be too early for her.


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