While mooching around the yard at Hobsonville Marina today I spotted the launch – Oranoa out for some TLC. We do not see her out and about much and WW only knows a little from her very early days.

Chris McMullen commented on a previous WW story that during the first few years of this apprenticeship to boat builder Morrie Palmer at 15 Clarence St Devonport, he worked under Morrie and Cal Crooks. As Chris said back then boat building was a competitive cut throat business. At the Devonport yard at least five major builds took place Cara Mia, Lady Ethel, Venture, Oranoa and the Stewart 34 Phoenician. All that, along with repair and insurance work all done, by three people (average) in just over two and a half years. Most owners finished their boat off but Oranoa was the exception and largely complete and later launched from Devonport wharf c.1962/63.

Oranoa was built for the Lineham family and as of 2015, was still owned by the family.
Can you learn a little more at Oranoa eg length, propulsion etc.

Also hauled was a nice selection of other woodys – see below.  Lady Ruby is a very salty looking motorsailer, the double-ender launch I think hails from Bayswater and has grazed WW before but her name alludes me. The sedan / flybridge launch I suspect has a few too many sheets of plywood for my eyes. The classic yacht waiting her turn to be relaunched ? – very pretty.

Saturdays Quiz – ID The Launch – No winners. And we still do not know the boat.

11 thoughts on “Oranoa

  1. There we go; Neil has crossed the Ts and dotted the Is on “Oranoa”, and I doubt anyone has more knowledge of her than Neil.
    Got a better look at “Lady Ruby” on her way out, and realised why she sort of looked familiar; she’s a variation on Slocum’s “Spray”. Perhaps Bruce Robert-Goodson’s version??


  2. The Vindex/Jim Young looks great. Probably better without the canvas mind you. It’s unlikely that there is any plywood in the super/structure- appears to be planked teak or mahogany, and the hull will be multi-skin planked glassed over.


  3. Further to the below comment, the very first 40 foot Vindex ever built, was actually built in 1972, for Alf Broadhead of Auckland by Orams at Whangarei, & is tripple skin Kauri, on opposite diagonals &sheathed in Dynil fibreglass cloth, & originally powered by 2 x 165 HP Perkins V8 Diesels. which were replaced about 12/15 years ago, with 2 Italian made “VM” c300 HP diesels.
    Her original name was EROS, but unfortunately later changed to her present name of LADY KIWI.

    She has live about 100 mtrs upstream from our home at Gulf Harbour, & very sadly, has never moved off her moorings once, except for a repaint at Silverdale by Olsens, in the 6 years we have lived here, but is maintained very well maintained. I walk past her nearly every day– KEN R

    photo below added by alan h


  4. Oranoa was used every single weekend through the eighties nineties and early 2000 by Bruce or Johnny Lineham always to be seen round the gulf, and many a convivial night was had aboard , even listening to the piano while tied up at the Akarana wharf


  5. Oranoa was built my father Alex Lineham launched 1963 with a 100hp fordson we replaced that in 1965 with 210 Detroit 6v 53 she was lenghten in 1965 by Baileys by 7 feet . One news year eve at Barrrier we had 82 people on board round the piano. We put a 50 Isuzu as a wing engine.I overhauled the GM AT 30000HRS IN 2000


  6. the launch you do not like is/was the first Vindex 40, originally named Kailua(maybe still is?), built in the late 60’s for Frank Reeves who was the then GM of Air NZ. Unchanged since launching


  7. ORANOA was built for Alec Lineham. She had a 6V/71 Detroit diesel when built, & also from memory a wing motor, & very rarely in a boat, a piano, for a good number of years. No flying bridge in her early years, The flying bridge had a lot of work done on its construction, over a Christmas cruise one year, in the 1960s-70s by Alec’s sons, watched with much interest by many of us, who were cruising on our own boats up there, that year.
    She was lengthened at the stern, I’d say from memory in the later 1960s/1970s, & the last I heard was still in the Lineham family & still had the 6V/71.
    Alec L’s son Neil, has been a contributor to woodys from time to time, so hopefully he will read this, & give her history “straight from the horses mouth,” as it were — KEN R


  8. “Oranoa” is still in the Lineham family and still berthed next to me up here. Currently she’s in the hands of Col Lineham, great grandson of the man she was built for. In recent years she was owned and lived on by Bruce Lineham, Col’s grandfather, now sadly, in a retirement village North Shore way. She was lengthened by some 2 metres not long after her launch, also by Morrie Palmer [IIRC 😉 ]. Power is a 6 cylinder “Jimmy”, and she also has a 4 cyl. wing engine. She’s getting out and about a bit more recently.
    The double ender is “Gunner”, which I think has featured on WW before.
    I haven’t seen “Lady Ruby” before, but there’s something vaguely familiar about the look of her.
    Deep shame that I hadn’t noticed that keeler in the corner of the yard – K Class?? I’ll have to take my interrogation implements ( thumbscrews, codling grinder etc.) over and put people to the question.


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