Mystery Launch B.O.I.

Mystery Launch – B.O.I.

Today’s photo appeared on the cover of a recent issue of the Property Press in Russell. Scan sent in by Dean Wright. The question of the day is = can we ID the woody on the right? Dean is leaning towards ex big game boat – Zane Grey.

5 thoughts on “Mystery Launch B.O.I.

  1. I notice a solar panel on the boat next door and fancy trailer, I dont recognise the yard so I think this is after we sold.


  2. Yes indeed she is the Zane Grey however at the time of the photo she was called Alma G II. We subsequently changed her name back to her original “Zane Grey” and relaunched her at Russell with many of the old game boat skippers on the anniversary of her launching. She was built for Mervin Arlidge by Collings & Bell and launched on Boxing Day 1926. Mervin and his brother Francis, who owned the Alma G, fished with Zane Grey and his party. Mervin changed the boat name to Alma G II when he finished fishing with Zane Grey
    This photo was taken before we purchased her. We added game fishing poles and used her regularly as a family boat and for game fishing. We owned her for about 40 years, originally moored off the Police station in Russell in summer and winters mostly in Whangarei. We purchased one of the original berths at the Outboard Boating Club in Orakei, near our home and she was based there until we sold about 12 years ago.


  3. Absolutely correct, the most internationally famous of the Collings and Bell concave convex builds, built in 1927, for the Zane Grey circus.
    The careful removal of almost 100 years of paint revealed the original carved name on both bows and the transom .. covered over when the ZG name fell out of favour due to his opinions, wealth, drunkenness, womanizing and general American brashness.
    She was renamed Alma G II


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