Ngarunui – 1967 Whangarei > Noumea Yacht Race Start

Ngarunui – 1967 Whangarei > Noumea Yacht Race Start
The above launch appeared in a series of photos the Lew Redwood had on his fb, all taken in the days leading up to and including the 1967 Whangarei to Noumea yacht race.The boat looks very familiar to me, but before I make a fool of myself (again) I’ll call for input from the WW readers as to its identity.

As correctly ID’ed by several eagle eyed woodys – the boat is Ngarunui – WW links below for lots of photos and details 🙂

The other day, Bay of Islands woody – Hylton Edmonds draw my attention to the May 2021 issue of the UK magazine Classic Boating and the editors (Stefan Meyric-Hughes) page 5 editorial column. Which I have reproduced below. I’m sure you will all agree with Hylton’s comment to me – “It’s  succinct, brilliant, and a poignant reminder for all wooden boat “nutters“ around the world not least us in NZ who persevere under, at times seemingly,  never ending odds,  to final success and that long dream of re-launch day…

12 thoughts on “Ngarunui – 1967 Whangarei > Noumea Yacht Race Start

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  2. I see Kotanui peeking in the distance too 🙂 Actually I have a whole lot of slides taken from Kotanui of that day. Lots of the basin and then of Aronui- who owned her?


  3. Good Morning. I recently visited Lake Waikaremoana & discovered our Dad’s old Mullety Matariki. Looking nothing like her years under sail. Growing up in Gisborne & being introduced to sailing as P class boys we embarked on a building program where some 20 odd Dad’s boys & P class were built & thus gave so many young boys their first sailing experiences. Dad purchased Matariki N10 a 22 foot Mullety from a Mr Thrupp in Tauranga in the late 1950s & with an experienced crew sailed her around East Cape to Gisborne, quite a feat in those days. We sailed her down to Mahia Peninsula, up to Cooks Cove apart from in & around Poverty Bay. Boys left school & home so Dad removed mast Sails rigging & centre plate & trailed her up to Lake Waikaremoana where we used her as a Lake boat fishing hunting exploring. I recall Matariki may have been built by Judd Brothers in Auckland not sure what year. In mid 70s I acquired the Sails & called into Ponsonby Cruising Club & found a keen buyer. If you or your readers can add any other information it would be very much appreciated. I have the teak tiller, beautifully carved with Matariki on the top & paua shell inlays at the handle pictures attached. Kind Regards. John Upton. 021435919

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  4. Definitely NGARUNUI, was moored 50 mtrs away, opposite our patio for a couple of years, around 2015/16. She is well documented on several previous posts, which give much detail, to her very checkered start, to her life, on woodys,
    Have been aboard and she has a big interior volume, in lovely condition, with an Iveco diesel these days.– KEN R


  5. It is Ngaranui. I’m the current owner. She is currently kept at Gulf Harbour. Didn’t get out much last summer but for a few trips around waiheke. However the usual summer trip is 3 weeks to BOI. She’s a fantastic old girl.


  6. Graham H is correct on both accounts. Recently was moored in Te Uenga Bay in Bay of Islands but sold to who knows where.


  7. I think it is the Pamir, was at Hobsonville and for sale until recently. Now is domiciled at Bayswater.


  8. Remember her being there, especially that dinghy perched on top, but was too busy getting ready to start to take more notice. Have seen her since, definitely in the last ten years or so, but still can’t remember her name.


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