Daryl Patterson’s email to me started out like a lot of the correspondence WW gets – “This is a very long shot but I’m looking for any information on my great grandfather’s boat, a 30 footer he built himself”
It turns out that Daryl’s GGFather –  William Skinner, was a member of the Whangarei Cruising Club and built Dawn in 1926, there is a good article from the Northern Advocate recording its construction below. The photos above are of Dawn on Whangarei Harbour between 1926 and 1931. Daryl’s family records has the boat being sold in 1934 to another WCC member – Percy J Basley. She disappears from the WCC records a short while later and Basley retired to Waiheke island. 

Daryl would greatly appreciated any intel on the boat from over the last 95 years.

6 thoughts on “Dawn

  1. Hi Daryl Patterson have you found anything more about The Dawn boat would appreciate any information on the boat The Dawn be great to hear from you thank you


  2. Jennifer it would be awesome if you could share a photo or two. Would love to know if its the same boat.


  3. Looks just like our fathers boat also called Dawn 345 he belonged to ponsonby crusing club we have been looking for any info on what happened to it l have photos that very much the same as the ones you posted


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