Today’s woody is the 32’ Arab built in 1913 by Collings & Bell, pictured above in the above 1915 photo, at the time owned by Alfred Grundy. She is seen here moored in the Hopua Crater > Geddes Basin > Onehunga Basin. The photo comes to us via Maurice Sharp’s fb (Auckland Libraries Heritage Collection).

A quick wikipedia search provides background on the area – located in Onehunga. Its 300 m wide, sediment-filled explosion (maar) crater was used as a boat harbour in early European times and known first as Onehunga Basin then as Geddes Basin. It was reclaimed in the 1930s and named Gloucester Park in 1935 after the visit to New Zealand by the Duke of Gloucester in that year. From 1975 into the early 80’s the South-western motorway was built right through the middle of the park and crater. The southern side was turned into a sports ground, and the western side as a wetland with activity space for Aotea Sea Scouts who took ownership of the Manukau Yacht and Motor Boat Club (MYMBC) club house, in 1977 (refer the white building in the 1910 postcard below).
Thanks to Harold Kidd and Matt  Urquhart in a previous WW story we know a lot about Arab (WW link below, read comments also) but keen to learn what became of Arab post the mid 1980’s when she possibly went to Tauranga?

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  1. Found a photo of my father’s launch Lady Evelyn on the beach at Urquharts Bay getting the bottom painted. Owned by Archie West senior at the time 1967.

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  2. There was a very similar launch (but with an added ? aft dodger) in Picton in the the late 60s/early 70s, moored in Waikawa Bay. She was pretty neglected then – she was towed to Jorgensen’s slip as she had such a huge crop of mussels she couldn’t steam or steer.
    I have no idea who owned her (though I gather someone elderly) or what then became of her, but have vague memories of seeing her on a mooring further down Waikawa Bay, maybe Beeches Bay..
    May not be the same boat, but how many boats of that general vintage were named “Arab”?

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