Sadly I know the fate of the above 42’ launch – Hatea was destroyed by fire while cruising at the Hen & Chicken Islands, Northland, in February 1931. The only other information I can tell you is she was Whangarei based at the time.

Anyone one tell us more about Hatea – designer>builder> year launched etc.

Yacht On The Rocks Quiz Winner = Peter Brookes with the correct answer – Little Jim. Having crawled all over LJ doing to rebuilds/refurbishments – you would expect Peter to get it right 🙂

3 thoughts on “Hatea

  1. Interesting boat! HATEA was built in Auckland for P.R.Gardner in April 1927 and had a 100hp engine. Gardner went down to inspect progress in January 1927 and she was in the Town Basin in Whangarei in early April. She was built specifically for deep sea fishing out of Whangarei. No builder was mentioned. but two candidates are Collings & Bell but, more likely, Dick Lang so Ken’s remark is justified. With the Whangarei connection through Tui Waldron, she could well be a stretched MY GIRL. If Collings & Bell there would have been considerable hoohah in the papers. Collings was a great self-publicist. but Dick Lang just got on with the job.


  2. Looks Lovely, So sad she was lost when she was so new & beautiful. — Looks like a bigger version of MY GIRL — KEN R


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