Te Ata Koura

Todays launch – Te Ata Koura , according to her tme listing (thanks Ian McDonald) was built by Shipbuilders, she is 32’ in length and constructed via single plank carvel / kauri. She has a beam of 10’ and draws 3’. 

Powered by a 1990 85hp Ford Dover diesel, that gives her a very respectable top speed of 10 knots.From the photos and comments she is in need of some TLC but the bones are there and would make a very smart woody.

I would say there has been a name change along the way, which won’t help ID’ing her, but keen to hear from anyone that can provide more details on her.

3 thoughts on “Te Ata Koura

  1. This boats original name is Golden Dawn, if her stern is sanded back it will be seen scribed in. The Golden dawn was built for Taz Matich from Ruawai in 19 66, and was used for commercial flounder fishing and towing wooden sand barges on the kaipara harbour .Taz owned her till 2016 then sold her to me , for 3 years she was moored at Pahi. Then sold to the existing owner.


  2. She is ex kaipara boat.
    Z Matich will know all her history as she was part of his clan for number of years.


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