Mystery 41’ Lane Motor Boat Co. – Launch

Screen Shot 2019-12-30 at 12.30.18 PM

Mystery 41’ Lane Motor Boat Co. – Launch
Her tme listing doesn’t tell us much about her other than she is 41’ in length, carvel constructed and powered by a 120hp Ford diesel, that was reconditioned 800hrs ago.
Home is Kerikeri, Northland.
She has good bones > a looker, so it would be nice to put a name to her and any other info we can gather.
Thanks Ian McDonald for the tme heads up

6 thoughts on “Mystery 41’ Lane Motor Boat Co. – Launch

  1. Please can you re send to me the W W for 03;01;2020 I have lost it and happy new too you all Rod Morcom


  2. Hi. She is Sea Rover. Designed built and equipped by Lanes in 1960. A testament to awesome boat building skills – still sound as the day launched.


  3. Could be one of the 2 boats Lane Motor Boat built for Fred Brake, SEAWAY or SEAWAY FAIR, BUT, irrespective of what boat it is, I have little doubt, the coamings have been replaced, or substantially altered, & /or repaired, whether or not it is one of them. The present coamings do not have the “Garth Lane,” touch, in their styling. — KEN R


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