Waitangi Wharf Mystery Event

Screen Shot 2019-12-15 at 5.26.50 PM


Todays photo ex Ross Griffin and from the Jim Shaw’s collection show several woody launches rafted up alongside the Waitangi Wharf.
In terms of the date of the photo, Maurice Sharp has commented that the bridge opened in 1933 and in the photo it appears to not be finished, so the likelihood is that its pre 1933. The assembled crowed are very well dressed so the photo must have marked some occasion of note.
Can anyone help us with the event and with ID’ing the launches?

5 thoughts on “Waitangi Wharf Mystery Event

  1. It’s clearly related to the gift of the Treaty House and surrounding land to the nation by Lord and Lady Bledisloe in May 1932. After the gift, the first celebration of Waitangi Day was in February 1934 by when the new bridge was open for traffic (barely) so this photo was taken when the construction of the bridge had just started, probably around October/November 1933.


  2. Re the wharf.
    The photo angle etc I would suggest the photo is taken by someone standing on the wharf



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